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    [ubuntu] Re: Unable to setkeycodes?

    It doesn't seem to detect the set keys either. :/
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    [ubuntu] Re: Unable to setkeycodes?

    Here is my rc.local. Everything appears to be correct. I've rebooted and then assigned a new custom shortcut to launch onboard, but when I go assign a new accelerator it doesn't seem to detect the...
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    [ubuntu] Unable to setkeycodes?

    Hi there

    I purchased a second hand dell duo off of eBay last week and hastily installed Ubuntu 14.04 + Gnome-shell over Windows 8. It is a great little netbook. One of the unique features about...
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    Re: ubuntu on Xperia Play?

    Depends on a few factors such as if your bootloader is unlockable, meets the hardware requirements and drivers freely available. If those questions are answered with "Yes" then all it takes is for...
  5. [ubuntu] Removing the "Orange box" when resizing a window?

    The only issue I have with Unity is that I can't view the content inside a window while I'm resizing it. Is there any way to enable viewing content while resizing the window?
  6. Thread: Ubuntu phone OS

    by ojdon

    Re: Ubuntu phone OS

    You will be able to download it onto a Galaxy Nexus during the end of February:
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    Re: Does anyone have a WebOS device?

    I have a Touchpad running LunaCE and a Galaxy Nexus which can run Open WebOS. I love the User Experience but the lack of third-part developer support kills it. =\
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    Re: Nexus 7 now runs Ubuntu 12.10

    Not quite no. Unlike desktop hardware, there is a lot of implications a mobile device has, such as locked boot loaders, proprietary hardware drivers, etc.

    This basically means that a developer...
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    [ubuntu] Re: ubuntu on the hp touch pad

    git should be in the repo. Have you updated the repository lately?

    If not it's definitely in 12.04 and later.
  10. [ubuntu] Re: Why is the desktop "Unity" shell sticking with Compiz and GTK?

    I thought Firefox suffered from the same visual issues as other GTK based applications do such as the ugly looking scrollbars, etc. Unless it's fixed in recent versions? (Chrome/Chromium still...
  11. Re: New ubuntu OS for phones, but cant run android apps?

    Again, short answer, not really.

    I believe that the Blackberry Playbook and the Nokia N9 at some stage had a Dalvik VM-like piece of software which would run android apps, but it wasn't 100%...
  12. Re: New ubuntu OS for phones, but cant run android apps?

    It doesn't have Android's Dalvik VM, so short answer, no.
  13. [ubuntu] Re: Why is the desktop "Unity" shell sticking with Compiz and GTK?

    Unity 2D was built using QT and C++ so it is definitely possible. Shame they didn't opt to create a 3D accelerated version and deprecate the current version we have now so it fits nicely with the...
  14. Re: Ever Found Yourself In A Fellow Forum Members Back Room ?

    The forum doesn't really ask for much required information anyway. Just like social networks, most information you have to physically input yourself, if someone didn't want you to read anything...
  15. [ubuntu] Why is the desktop "Unity" shell sticking with Compiz and GTK?

    Apologises if this is in the wrong place, but I'd like to ask a few questions about the desktop Unity shell. With the recent announcement of Ubuntu Phone's native apps being coded in QML and C++, why...
  16. Re: Ever Found Yourself In A Fellow Forum Members Back Room ?

    Wait...? What's the problem with visiting someone's public profile? ;)
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    Re: The biggest bug in Ubuntu


    Not everyone's hardware has issues. Ubuntu has bug report functionality to report misbehaving hardware.
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    Poll: Re: Which Valve game do you want next on Steam?

    Would love to see the older Source games come to Linux so I can get back into playing Gmod which depends on all the other Source games for it's props.

    Never played CS:GO so I'd love to see that...
  19. Re: Does mate desktop enviroment cut it? What's its future?

    As a former Ubuntu tablet user, Unity is far from being a tablet interface. For a start you have to hover in order to reveal those tiny window buttons... There is no hover gesture using touch input...
  20. Thread: Gubuntu?

    by ojdon

    Re: Gubuntu?

    13.04 is currently in development so expect breakages. And no, it's not a LTS release. The next LTS release is 14.04.
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    Re: Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix

    Why is this spin needed? Can't people find their own wallpapers and add the cinnamon PPA themselves? Doesn't require that much searching on how to do it. =\
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    Re: Do any UK retailers sell blank laptops?

    PC Specialist??
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    [lubuntu] Re: google chrome beta or chromium?

    Google Chrome is the browser you want. Chromium is only used if you want a fully open-source version. But if that doesn't bother you download Google Chrome as it has built-in flash support, pdf...
  24. [ubuntu] Re: What are Ubuntu's .10 version releases about?

    This page has all the information about "End-of-Life" dates for each release:
  25. Re: Remember EasyPeasy? Would you like it to live on?

    Really wished that the old 10.04 netbook-launcher survived. Always thought it was an awesome interface.
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