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    [ubuntu] Re: Low disk space on volume 'usr'

    Assuming that /usr is on a separate partition and that you're using a FS native to Linux (ext2, ext3 or ext4), you may try using tune2fs with the -m (percentage) or -r (blocks) option. These FS...
  2. [SOLVED] Re: Can I see the usernames and passwords that failed to login on my PC?

    You could try the command 'lastb'. You probably must be root on ubuntu, because of the access-rights of the /var/log/btmp. (However I see my system is not logging to this as it should.)

  3. [all variants] guest account, guest-user and guest-group ?

    How is the user guest and/or the group guest supposed to work on Linux/Unix system? How about the "Guest Session" when using Ubuntu with the new display-manager?

    Can I create some new users and...
  4. [all variants] Re: What is the "official" administrator-group as of 12.04 ?

    admin-group as in "a group named admin", not that the group was called "admin-group". Sorry for my unclear English...
  5. [all variants] Looking4Game: Green alien crash sourcer in cematery

    I'm looking for a platform-game, where a green alien has crashed his one-man flying sourcer on a cemetery (funny drawing of him after the accident, with a finger raised to world), and the player must...
  6. [all variants] Recomended way of installing Oracle Java/JDK ?

    After it was removed(?) from the main repository, what is the recommended way (or best hack) to install Oracle Java JDK and related packages (like plug-in for Mozilla)? A way that actually work and...
  7. [all variants] What is the "official" administrator-group as of 12.04 ?

    For 12.04: What is the official/recommended group to add users who should get root-privileges to? Previously it's been the admin-group, but it's seems to have been retired...

    Is this an...
  8. [kubuntu] Why can't mount partition with dolphin as normal user?

    I have computers with both Ubuntu and Kubuntu. In Ubuntu I can mount a NTFS-partition as a normal user by simply clicking the drive in 'nautilus'. In Kubuntu however, when I do the same and click...
  9. [all variants] Printing custom paper-size (a postcard) in CUPS and LibreOffice?

    I want to print something on a postcard that is 13x18cm with my laser-printer.
    How can I specify in CUPS and/or LibreOffice such an unusual print-size?
    As I'll be using the paper-guides on the...
  10. [all variants] Downloading from and ?

    Are there any good -- preferably stand-alone -- programs that would allow me to download video from and/or ... preferably both "live" and recorded streams?
    Something along...
  11. [all variants] Search and indexing -- Installing Beagle/Good replacements?

    I know this has been asked before, but in case there are some significant changes in this area with Ubuntu/Kubuntu 11.04, I ask...

    Are there any good search and indexing tools available......
  12. [all variants] General Linux: Instaling ISO-image on USB stick. and boot?

    Is there a *general* way to install an ISO-image on an USB-pen, and boot from it? I know there is an Ubuntu-utilty to install ISO-image on an USB-pen, and that there is a couple of Windows-programs...
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    [all variants] Installing Ubuntu on an Asus Eee 1001PX

    I'd like to install Ubuntu (probably netbook or eeebuntu) on an Asus (Eee) 1001PX with WindowsXP pre-installed. There are four partitions used on the disk (from the factory), and I assume one is for...
  14. [all variants] "Backup" with raw HDD-image of Windows?

    I've bought an Eee with WindowsXP preinstalled. Naturally my first thought was to exorcise the demon (Windows) with cross, stake and holy-water (and perhaps some garlic), but since I've already have...
  15. [kubuntu] Dolphin: Sorting list of partitions in Placed-panel?

    Is there a way to sort the list of partitions in the Places-panel of Dolphin (the KDE file-browser) in some meaningful way? E.g. alphabetical after label (NTFS1 before NTFS2) or after device (e.g....
  16. [all variants] Squid: Minimal configuration-file (squid.conf) ?

    I'd like to set-up a simpe web-cache (to speed-up my surfing), and would like a bare minimum squid.conf file to customize... One without tons of explainations and additional features, just with...
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    [ubuntu] Re: restore a file after a >file1

    I don't think it's possible.

    Usually when you overwrite a file (cp, mv, ...) a new inode is used, and the old is just added to a list over free inodes. I assume also the areas on the disk used by...
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    [all variants] Re: "Batch-editing" several files?

    Nope, I wasn't. Thanks! :-D
  19. [all variants] Firefox: Installing add-ons for multiple users?

    I have latest version of kubuntu installed, and operate with severeal different user-IDs.

    I was wondering if there is a way to install a few add-ons for Firefox, so that they're loaded for all...
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    [all variants] "Batch-editing" several files?

    Is there a good tool for "batch-editing" a number of files non-interactively? Replace a string with another and add a couple of lines in several files...

    sed would've been ideal, but AFAIK,...
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    [ubuntu] Re: sed command - help please

    Try 'tr'... perhaps with the -d option.
    Note: It must be *in* the pipeline, it doesn't take file-arguments itself (use 'cat' first).
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    [ubuntu] Forcing use of VPN...

    I must admit I'm a bit green with networking, but here goes...

    I some times use a VPN-connection to another computer, and uses 'pon' to set-up this connection (no GUI-wizard for me, thank you very...
  23. [ubuntu] Possible to make installer use matched pair of UID/GID (same value) for new package?

    Is there a way to make the installer choose a matching pair with the same numerical value for the UID and GID (e.g. both 163), when making a user and group for newly installed package? Rather than...
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