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    [kde] Re: KDE slows down after some idling

    iowait % from the sar output would be high if it were hard drive access I think. Also, the CPU usage is constantly low, so it's not really necessary to check which process is utilizing CPU. I will...
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    [kde] KDE slows down after some idling

    I'm running KDE on Ubuntu 12.10 from the original repos. KDE slows down significtantly after a few hours of idling. I have a very powerful computer. 16 GB RAM, i5 processor, GTX 660 graphics card and...
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    [ubuntu] Slow desktop effects after upgrade

    Just upgraded my system to 12.10 from 12.04. I've been experiencing a slow desktop environment. I went from 60+ fps (it was so smooth :P ) to about 10-15 fps. It's noticeable even when I drag the...
  4. [ubuntu] Re: Proposal to drop Ubuntu alternate CDs for 12.10

    I was upset when I read about this. I use the alternate ISO due to the very nice option of full disk system encryption. Then there's the thing where the desktop ISO doesn't even install on my system....
  5. [all variants] grub chainloading, invalid or unsupported executable format

    I'm at a loss at why my Backtrack Linux grub boot loader doesn't work. Ubuntu's works fine, so does Windows 7.

    /dev/sda3 - primary boot loader, grub v. 0.97
    /dev/sda5 - backtrack boot loader,...
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    [ubuntu] Re: bind9 views and reverse lookup problem

    The problem was the dig command.

    I did dig -x @ <ip>, but it should have been dig -x <ip>. It's working now. Altough someone other than me seems to have control over the reverse DNS PTR. I...
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    [ubuntu] bind9 views and reverse lookup problem

    I'm at a loss to why my reverse lookup zone doesn't work for me. Could anybody see what I've done wrong?

    I've got two views. One internal and one external. My domain is
  8. [all variants] Re: Partitioning help needed - Triple boot with full disk encryption

    I'm regularly backing up my laptop home directory to a file server. But it doesn't hurt I guess. :)
  9. [all variants] Re: Partitioning help needed - Triple boot with full disk encryption

    Totally forgot about swap! But since I got 4GB RAM I guess I hardly need 4GB swap space. Thanks.
  10. [all variants] Re: Partitioning help needed - Triple boot with full disk encryption

    Is it possible for me to have both / for BT and Ubuntu in the same extended partition? The only partition that needs to be primary is the dedicated GRUB partition?

    This is how I plan to partition...
  11. [all variants] Partitioning help needed - Triple boot with full disk encryption

    I need some help to structure the layout of my partitions. I'm installing Windows 7, Backtrack 4 R2 and Ubuntu 10.10 Desktop on my laptop. I've got a 500 GB HDD named sda.

    I've already installed...
  12. [SOLVED] Re: [ Solved ] How to play CBT nuggets Video in Ubuntu 9.10 ??

    How to convert CBT Nuggets videos .wmv videos to playable .avi.

    Install mencoder.

    sudo apt-get install mencoder

    Download and install Binary Codec Packages.

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    [all variants] Re: rssdler not downloading torrent files

    This is solved. The regex was incorrect.
  14. [all variants] Cannot change permissions on a mounted truecrypt container

    The group owner remains unchanged. Why?

    Doesn't work regardless of everything I throw at it.

    Edit: Could it be something with the filesystem? The drive is running NTFS!

    I tried to change the...
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    [all variants] [SOLVED]rssdler not downloading torrent files

    I'm trying to download Star Wars the Clone Wars torrents from two different feeds. The scantime below is temporary while I'm trying to get it to work. Will change it to 15 min later on.

    Below is...
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    Re: Howto: Easy FTP with vsftpd

    I've set up virtual users. The home dir for them should be /media/truecrypt1. I've mounted an encrypted partition that I want the FTP users to gain access to. I've added my own system user to the...
  17. Thread: iptables

    by wconstantine

    [ubuntu] Re: iptables

    Just curious. What's the point of specifying source ports?

    Also, output rules like that can easily be circumvented by someone that knows what he/she's doing. Just a quick notice.
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    [all variants] Hardcoding the ARP table

    I want to hardcode the MAC of my GW to mitigate ARP poisoning attacks. When I run: arp --set IP MAC it only lasts till I reboot the machine. How to hardcode it permanently?
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    [SOLVED] Re: Can't enter a directory I own

    That is so cool. Thanks. :)
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    [SOLVED] Can't enter a directory I own

    Got a weird problem here.

    wh1sk3yj4ck@valkyrie:~/.vmware$ ls -l
    total 32
    drw-rw-rw- 2 wh1sk3yj4ck wh1sk3yj4ck 4096 2010-08-05 08:06 BT4-R1

    It would seem as if I own that dir, yea?

  21. Re: Extract a certain part from an integer

    It is a meaningless college assignment.

    I know it's very easy. Just can't figure out how. :(

    The programming language doesn't matter. All I need to know is how to do this.
  22. Extract a certain part from an integer

    I don't really know how to describe it.

    I need to write a script, in C, that will extract certain parts from an integer. Example:

    To be extracted. Everything below 450k. That's easy.
    I then...
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    [all variants] Re: Setup a ftpd with multiuser shares?

    If that means that the users won't be able to go below in the shared directory, then definitely yes. That dir and every dir in it should be accessible by several users and me. But they shouldn't be...
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    [all variants] Setup a ftpd with multiuser shares?

    I want to share a directory (and all subdirs) via an FTP service to several users. I have searched around a bit and I think it's quite confusing to set this up. I want to have access to the files...
  25. [all variants] Re: Log Forensics - need help with filtering out data

    Wow, thanks!

    Definitely credit. :) I have no chance of winning though, I'm sure of it. I'm doing it to learn. ;)
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