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  1. Re: January 2009 screenshot thread (safe for work ONLY)

    I'm using a simple devilspie script to force AWN to stay above the panel and other windows. Everything can be found at Gnome-Look. Still on Jaunty, no breakage yet :D
  2. Re: January 2009 screenshot thread (safe for work ONLY)

    Test driving Ubuntu Jaunty.

    Everything I'm using for my setup can be found here. Sorry, I don't remember exactly where the wallpaper is from, but judging by the filename I'd say it's from 4chan's...
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    [all variants] Re: Comprehensive Multimedia & Video How-to

    Same issue here, seems to have been down more than a week now.
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    Re: The new eeePC looks nice :)

    Given the Eee900 costs 350 here, I'd imagine the 901 to be at least 400. Why buy one when you could have an Advent Netbook for 280 which has:

    * Intel Atom Processor N270
    * (1.6 GHz,...
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    Re: July 2008 Desktop Screenshot thread

    Testing out Ibex at the moment. I quite like the "New Human" theme, and I'm not usually a fan of dark themes. The fact that you can change the brown to any colour you like in the Customize dialog is...
  6. Re: June 2008 Desktops (Safe for work ONLY) - Please include theme details.

    Sure there is, check out the WinGnome.XP project here (MurrinaFancyClearlooks is particularly nice).
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    Re: Cool Avatars

    Gimped various parts together.
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    Poll: Re: When do you consider a computer "old"?

    Laptops: 3 years
    Desktops: 5 years
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    Re: Banshee 1 Released

    Banshee completely screwed over my whole media collection last time I used it (6 months ago). Is it safe to say it's more stable now?
  10. Re: June 2008 Desktops (Safe for work ONLY) - Please include theme details.

    Just got a new laptop, and it's fast enough to run Compiz and Emerald with no stability issues :D

    Everything is from Gnome-look. Image host is being stupid. Direct link.
  11. [all variants] Using dvd::rip to transcode to OGG/MPEG

    I'm having some problems transcoding using dvd::rip. Ideally, I'd like to use the OGG or MPEG container, as the size:quality ratios are better than AVI. However, when I attempt to transcode as an...
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    Re: Goodbye Ubuntu

    Alas, the English have yet to discover the joys of building a cup holder into everything.
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    Re: Goodbye Ubuntu

    I mow on one of these beasts:

    10 whole horse power of lawn maintenance!
  14. Re: June 2008 Desktops (Safe for work ONLY) - Please include theme details.

    Installed OpenSUSE 11.0 RC1 today. It's slick, clean and fast. I still prefer DEB package management to RPM, though. Nothing exciting in my theme, but I'll upload my stripes for you :)
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    Poll: Re: How old are Ubuntu users?

    My 68 year old Grandma uses it daily :D
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    Re: ShieldsUp!

    My light Debian setup passed TruStealth. I haven't even manually added any security beyond the base netinstall system (w/o desktop).
  17. Poll: Re: What is your age and what do you use ubuntu for?

    I'm 18, and I'm hoping to start a Chemistry/Biochemistry degree at University in September (which I'll be using Ubuntu as a study compantion for). I use Ubuntu for work, rest and play. I legally...
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    Re: How many boxes do you have ?

    Well, I maintain 4 computers (3 are family machines). They are:

    Grandmother's PC: Debian Lenny - AMD64x2 1.8GHz 2GB RAM
    General Family PC: Ubuntu Gutsy - Pentium 4HT 3GHz 786MB RAM
    Mum's Laptop:...
  19. Re: Hall Of Fame: How much Infractions did you manage to get in ?

    1 for not realising ROMs are illegal.
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    Re: How many of you have windows taps?

    I have a Windows shower, then. Doen't understand that there's a happy temperature between freezing and scalding!
  21. Re: May 2008 Desktops (Safe for work ONLY) - Please include theme details.

    apt-get install linuxlogo

    then use the linux_logo command
  22. Re: May 2008 Desktops (Safe for work ONLY) - Please include theme details.

    My hard drive just failed on my laptop, so until my new one arrives, I'm running a light Debian Lenny setup from an old USB hard drive.
  23. Re: Computer Usage In Movies... "NO-NO-NO!! ALL WRONG!!"

    Well, my old Compaq Presario 433 would boot if you pressed the power button on the monitor:

    I miss her :(
  24. Re: >_> I just got $110 worth of books for $40

    How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
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    [ubuntu] Re: Can't Change Desktop !

    Comment out the volumes in /etc/fstab to stop them mounting at boot.
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