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  1. [ubuntu] Re: Installation modifies partition structure

    My original hard drive configuration was: sda1=windows (primary, boot); sda2=Ubuntu (primary); sda3=extended, with; sda4=sway; sda5=downloads; sda6=shared.

    Now the configuration is: sda1=windows...
  2. [ubuntu] Re: Installation modifies partition structure

    Since I already had two partitions created (one for Windows and the other for Ubuntu - 10.10), I used the manual option so that I could tell the installer to use the already created partition. I did...
  3. [ubuntu] Installation modifies partition structure

    I've been dual booting Windows and Ubuntu for a number of years. I usually have two primary partitions (one for Windows and one for Ubuntu) and an extended partition for everything else (Swap, and...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Touchpad Disabled and cant re-nable

    I have a very similar problem. My laptop has a button above the touchpad to turn it off (I have problems with the palm of my hand touching it and making the cursor jump around). Before 10.04 I...
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    Re: New website live

    A great job with the design. Thanks for "letting go". I see nothing but increased traffic with this site.
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    Re: Ohio Linuxfest 2009

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    Re: Linuxfest 2009

    I'm the new guy from Saturday night. Where and when is LinuxFest (or is this referring to OLF that I know about and have attended)?
  8. [ubuntu] Re: New to Ubuntu. I get this problem when booting

    I was having problems with my newly built computer. But my problem was even with the LiveCD. I have two SATA hard drives, is your hard drive an SATA? If so, then I have a workaround that I use...
  9. [ubuntu] Re: Recent troubles with OpenOffice 3 in Intrepid Ibex, after updates

    And it worked for me just as well. The "Forum" is the best tech support anywhere.
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    Re: Getting Ubuntu CD's

    Where/how did you do that? I only see the form to fill out the request. I tried to use "Linux SIG" as my organization, but I guess that didn't work. As posted below, patience is mine; but if...
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    Getting Ubuntu CD's

    Anyone have any idea why I keep getting denials from ShipIt for CD's? I ordered a Ubuntu LiveCD last may and then ordered a Kubuntu LiveCD in June. This past August I tried to order a 10 pack (so I...
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