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    [ubuntu] Re: USB Nano USB Wireless adapter installation

    It's really suspicious when you say "download from Ralink's official site", but then link to a Tiwanese company's website (and every website looks shady when you are asked to trust in them and...
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    $ sudo service restart apache2

    Since I don't speak like Yoda, I frequently flip around the arguments for service like this:

    $ sudo service restart apache2
    restart: unrecognized service

    I made a tiny library which just...
  3. [ubuntu] External harddrive "Transport endpoint is not connected"

    Nearly all the time my external harddrive (connected via USB and automatically mounted with fstab) works just fine. But about every three weeks, I the following error message from Nautilus when...
  4. [ubuntu] Re: YouTube full-screen flooded with yellow dots...

    That did fix Flash video, but the HTML5-based video was still acting up.

    Also, the HTML5 video would all play with "pink dots", but otherwise would look just like the yellow dots on Flash based...
  5. [ubuntu] Re: YouTube full-screen flooded with yellow dots...

    Same problem here.

    This problem also occurs with embedded non-flash video in all three formats listed here:

    The "noise" does not appear in...
  6. Re: Current username capitalization causes confusion

    You are correct, on forum replies it does not matter.

    The problem comes in when people on the forums search for me via other means, when they have to manually type in my username somewhere else.
  7. Current username capitalization causes confusion

    My "old" way of capitalizing my username (currently used on these forums) would often cause some problems when users mistook the lower case "Q" for a lower case "G". I now go by "IQAndreas" online...
  8. Re: Screen frequently freezes when laptop lid is closed

    I'm happy to say that this problem was fixed in Ubuntu 12.10, rendering this thread obsolete. I have gone months without a single "screen freeze".
  9. Re: Gnome/XORG freezes when closing the laptop lid

    No "good" solution, but one something previously seems to be working (though, it may just be a coincidence and the bug was fixed in one of the updates released at around the same time I tried the...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Configuring fstab properly

    I'm afraid it's not giving me a uuid:

    andreas@tablet-2710p:~$ sudo blkid
    /dev/sda1: UUID="54F85300F852DFB2" TYPE="ntfs"
    /dev/sda5: UUID="a0971b1a-a5ac-4a77-8ad7-694985f3e629" TYPE="swap" ...
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    [ubuntu] Configuring fstab properly

    From information I have read online, I have been trying to modify fstab to fit my needs.

    Right now, it works, but as you can see, "My Book" shows up twice in the left bar of Nautilus; the second...
  12. Screen frequently freezes when laptop lid is closed

    About once or twice a day I open my laptop lid to find the screen "frozen" and unresponsive. I'm not sure where the cause of this issue is, and I would like your help to guide me to find the root of...
  13. Re: Gnome/XORG freezes when closing the laptop lid

    I found a solution! (sort of)
    EDIT: Nope, solution didn't work. Eventually I got another screen lockup, and have gotten several more since.

    It was apparent after some searching that...
  14. Re: Gnome/XORG freezes when closing the laptop lid

    By "backlit", do you mean a black screen, but you know the computer is on because the screen is receiving power (because it is giving off a small amount of light)? If so, I do believe you are having...
  15. [ubuntu] Are gtksourceview ".lang" files reverse compatible?

    For a tutorial on syntax highlighting in GEdit, I was instructed to place a .lang file in /usr/share/gtksourceview-2.0/language-specs/. However, my system is using gtksourceview-3.0.

    Are .lang...
  16. Re: Gnome/XORG freezes when closing the laptop lid

    I did a complete reinstall when updating to 12.04 and I'm afraid the problem is back; even though 12.04 doesn't have the classic style screen savers (but it does still use "gnome-screensaver" which...
  17. [SOLVED] Re: Quickly "crop" the length of a video file

    Avidemux was perfect for the job! Thank you.

    I wasn't sure which container format to use, but the default one worked out just fine.
  18. [SOLVED] Quickly "crop" the length of a video file

    Let's say you have an existing video file (perhaps 30 minutes long) but you want to cut out a small snippet out of it (usually between 30 seconds and two minutes) such as a quote from a long lecture....
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    [ubuntu] Difference between ISO and Cdrdao format?

    I'm copying a CD to my computer as an image file for the first time in Ubuntu. The default target format for the image file is "Cdrdao image" rather than "ISO", which surprises me.

    Is there any...
  20. Re: [Solved]...MD5 gui for Gnome w/ Nautilus or Thunar

    Will this script work with Gnome 3 and the latest version of Nautilus, or does it need to be tweaked?
  21. Re: Gnome/XORG freezes when closing the laptop lid

    Great news is the computer has not locked up once since the update to Ubuntu 11.10, so whatever was causing the problem was fixed or no longer exists in the new release.

    I have marked this...
  22. [SOLVED] Re: 11.04 - Remove some of Unity's default buttons

    The good news is, those two buttons no longer exist as of the update to Ubuntu 11.10, so the problem is solved.

    The "utility CD" for the external harddrive (named WD SmartWare) is still there, but...
  23. [SOLVED] Re: "Properly" preserving files when resizing partition?

    Thanks for the help guys.

    My partitions were set up as follows:
    [ --- Windows 60GB partition --- ][ - Ubuntu 10GB part - ][ - No longer used 10GB part - ]

    All I had to do was delete the third...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Change the behavior of the 11.10 menu bar?

    Thank you JaredSi! Uninstalling "indicator-appmenu" worked like a charm.

    I just wish clicking the "top bar" would still bring you to the current fullscreen application, but oh well, it's good...
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    [SOLVED] Change the behavior of the 11.10 menu bar?

    The way the "menu bar" for individual applications works in 11.04 and 11.10 seems very counter-intuitive to me (perhaps because I have never been a MAC user.

    I want the menu bar to behave in a...
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