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  1. [ubuntu] How do I mount my new (and "healthy") RAID device "/dev/md0"?


    I used mdadm to create a RAID device, which apparently is /dev/md0. I need to mount it in order to be able to use it. "Mount" is asking for the filesystem type. I know I need a -t...
  2. [ubuntu] Re: Burning an ISO to hard disk drive to boot.

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    [ubuntu] RAID (only one drive light flickers)

    I just noticed that only one HD light is flickering with disk I/O.

    -Nvidia BIOS says "healthy" when starting the computer.

    -Also, I tried this:

    me@me-M68M-S2P:~$ sudo dmraid -r
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    Re: Any Motorcyclists?

    I used to have a Kymco Grand Dink. It has power mirrors that stick out of the steering column instead of on stalks on the handlebars. I was going in a left turn in the mountains and the road was...
  5. [all variants] Re: RAID optimization and terminology: stripe vs. chunk vs. cluster vs. block

    tgalati4, your post is very informative. I have been wondering these things for a long time. Thank you. I'm in a RAID mess at the moment and need all the help I can get. (I have created a new...
  6. [ubuntu] Nvidia RAID1--seems to favor only one drive. Is this normal?

    I have a fairly fresh installation of Ubuntu 11.04 on a 2 x 1tb drive array, mirrored. The computer seems to boot from only one drive (only one drive light stays on or flashes at boot time). ...
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