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  1. [ubuntu] Success, then failure sharing internet connection with xp laptop

    I have ubuntu 10.10 installed on a dell optiplex gx110. The dell has no modem and I don't have broadband - so I'm trying to share a dialup connection over ethernet between my laptop with XP...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Problem with Conexant Modem on Karmic

    I installed diaco's driver and was able to dial using pon/poff. However, I wasn't able to establish a connection. The modem would just hang up after making the usual sign in robot gibberish. Then I...
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    [xubuntu] 9.10 on inspiron 1100 booting problems

    I'm dual booting Xubuntu 9.10 and XP on my Dell inspiron Lapton. Installation of Xubuntu from the live CD seemed to go okay, but when I try to boot xubuntu i go through two splash screens and...
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