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    [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu on Transformer Pad Infinity TF700T

    Any progress, kd5snu?
  2. [ubuntu_mobile] Ubuntu One Music app for Android - play local Music

    At the moment I'm usimg Ubuntu one on the Desktop and i admit i really like it. I also use the mobile "files" app, and the photo upload works perfectly - and it seems, Ubuntu One Music works...
  3. Re: [SOLVED] Warcraft III patch 1.22 and msvcr80.dll

    Thanks for the help - i used the wine-version you mentioned, deleted all my Warcraft3 and reinstalled it. Now it works :popcorn:
  4. Re: [SOLVED] Warcraft III patch 1.22 and msvcr80.dll

    Hey, thanks for the post, but it didn't fix it for me. I tried both, downloading the dll manually and the winetricks-tip. Both don't make the popup you posted disappear, it just stays.

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