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  1. [ubuntu] Re: Problems with kvm client machine networking

    After playing about some more, it seems that if I do this

    sudo route add default gw

    ie the ip address of my host machine, then everything works fine, except I cannot ping the...
  2. [ubuntu] Problems with kvm client machine networking


    I have a host machine, with a static ip, and I have set up a network bridge (br0), which all seems to be working fine.
    I have a virtual machine running with with qemu/kvm/libvert, connected...
  3. [ubuntu] Re: Advice on Virtualization options

    I haven't deployed in production yet, Im just trying to decide on the best way forwards.

    I have deployed a test instance using kvm on my laptop though, and so far it seems good. Im just playing...
  4. [ubuntu] Advice on Virtualization options


    I have a server with ubuntu 9.40 (64bit) server installed on it. It has 12gig of ram and a quad core processor. We have one external ip address for this box, although i think it is possible...
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    Re: Finding new ISP (UK)

    I'm with and have always found them to be reliable. They place download limits during peak times (mine is 8gig for the month) but midnight to 8am is limit free and does not contribute to...
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    Re: Eclipse on ubuntu 7.10?

    After you did a fresh install of 7.10 did you install the sun java jdk and update-alternatives?

    People have had trouble running eclipse with the gnu java that comes with ubuntu before.
  7. Re: Importing Eclipse From Windows

    Eclipse uses swt which uses platform specific libraries so its doubtfull that a windows version of eclipse will work on linux.

    The plugins are all in the plugin directory in the directory where...
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    Re: Why don't more people use Jython?

    Why don't more people use Jython? - because there is groovy instead. Which has dynamic features and closures and such, but is 100% compatable with java.
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    Re: jdbc to mysql

    havre you tried here:

    you dont need to register, just click the link which says 'just take me to the downloads'

  10. Re: JAVA_HOME and maven environment variables

    I have my settings in /etc/environment and they are:

  11. Re: Where to start with java web programming?

    Network communication in Java is quite simple, but a direct connection between sockets means that you have to figure out you're own protocol, which for anything other than a trivial app can get quite...
  12. Re: Scripting or Programming Language for Application Development?

    When choosing a language for application development I would go for the one that has the best tools for it, by that I mean best IDE's, best libraries and best documentation.

    All this talk of Java...
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    Re: Problem with Eclipse 3.3

    Eclipse uses swt, which makes use of native libraries. Presumably the normal 32bit eclipse has 32bit native swt stuff which would cause you a problem. As gekkio says i would expect that the 64bet...
  14. Re: Eclipse + WTP = pulling teeth out

    The WTP is mainly for the java behind the code, if you want to do php then their is a php plugin for eclipse (think its callled, wait for it, phpeclipse) i havent tested it tho.

    If all you want is...
  15. Re: So i managed to update java...

    I expect that the command you did was
    sudo update-alternatives --config java
    Even though it kind of looks like you updated Java to 1.6 you actually only updated the java command, ie the one for...
  16. Re: Embedding Browser Doesn't Work

    I remember reading somewhere that the firefox that comes with most linux distros isn't really suitable for embeding. I could be wrong though. You could try the mozilla from here:...
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    Re: Developing Websites in Linux

    You could also look at aptana ( Its based on eclipse and its what I use at work, although I don't really do much web programming.
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    Re: Forum regulars: discussion

    Artistic license.

    Seriously though, i find it hard explaining things to a beginner although i am by no means and expert :) and would have to agree with the quote from Slavik.
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    Re: Forum regulars: discussion

    Someone once told me that and 'ex' is a has been and a 'spert' is a drip under pressure (and i know that expert doesn't have and s in it)
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    Re: Pico Question

    Google for 'scp' or look here :
  21. Re: Cannot run Eclipse, log posted.

    Did you use the Ubuntu repo eclipse or eclipse from
  22. Re: My (homemade) Java server connects...sometimes

    Does it work when you connect from localhost, if so you can probably assume that it is a network issue. If it doesn't then you can probably assume that there is a bug in your code.

  23. Re: Does Eclipse have a debugger that works out of the box?

    When I install Eclipse, will the debugger 'just work'? - yes

    you set break points in the margin of the line you want. and run the project in debug mode, then it will ask you if you want to use...
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    Re: The Ubuntu Sorting Challenge

    Ive got my threaded version of the quicksort working now. Its slower than the single threaded version but I only have a single core machine. You have to specify how many threads you want it to use,...
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    Re: The Ubuntu Sorting Challenge

    I expected C to be popular here but here is my Java sorting algorithm.

    Its a Quicksort algorithm:

    public class Quicksort {

    * @param args
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