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    [kubuntu] Re: Wastebin full but is empty

    I saw this on a system where the problem was not files with elevated privileges, but a corruption of the metadata file stored within ~/.local/share/Trash. The size stored in that file looked like the...
  2. [other] Re: [pulseaudio] volume control with multimedia keys ?

    Extending those one-liners, adding the ability to jump larger increments and avoiding wrapping the volume to something huge when reducing (ouch!):

    [[ $0 == pa_vol_down ]] &&...
  3. [SOLVED] Re: Asus EEEpc 1000H Wifi in WPA-PSK mode no longer works

    Just hit this when disabling WEP on my wireless router. Installing the backports package mentioned in the launchpad report resolved this problem for me, without changing kernel level or rebooting.
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