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  1. [ubuntu] Re: Intel x3100, 2,4GhZ C2Duo, too weak for UT2004 ?

    the memory thing is fine, the chip only cuts off as much as it needs from the sytem memory at any given time, so it's probably only using 8-32MB when you don't actually have a game/3d app running.
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    [ubuntu] Re: ERR WTF DID I DO TO MY Xorg.conf

    depending what version of ubuntu you're using, you can pretty much delete all of it, certainly with intrepid (the beta, anyway) it's all automagical, and you can boot without even having a xorg.conf....
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    Re: Looking for 2D MMORPG Ubuntu can play

    i strongly recommend Daimonin (google it) you have to build it from source, but it's totally worth it. fantastic game, great comunity, and because it's open source, you can get a map editor, make...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Network bridge to xbox 360?

    more users who don't like using the command line isn't "great for Linux" because then developers have to spend more time designing user interfaces and making things easier for non-geeks, which leaves...
  5. [all variants] Re: acer aspire 5315 DRIconf/xorg.conf

    actually, managed to get most've the native lin ux games to run, just having a little trouble with wine now. can i mark this as solved?
  6. [all variants] [SOLVED] acer aspire 5315 DRIconf/xorg.conf

    firstly, my hardware/software spec:

    Acer Aspire 5315 notebook
    Intel Celeron M 540 1.86Ghz processor
    Intel GMA X3100 GMA965 graphics chip/card
    1Gb DDR2 ram
    80Gb HDD, in two 35Gb-ish ext3...
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    [ubuntu] Re: linux multimedia studio

    LMMS is pretty cool, but have you had a look at the other stuff available? for drums, you can't beat hydrogen (sudo aptitude install hydrogen hydrogen-drumkits)

    then export your beats and use lmms...
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