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  1. Re: New Internet accountability software: Net Responsibility

    May I ask what you are seeing that is making you think he has figured out a way around it? It would help in determining if you are seeing something that shouldn't be happening.

    In my experience,...
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    Re: Restrict Access to Dansguardian only

    Obviously you would need to create another account that would have the rights to edit the sudoers file. Otherwise you could go right in and remove the line you entered to restrict your access. So...
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    Re: Parental Controls

    I'm not terribly familiar with the sudoers file, but shouldn't you be able to add a simple rule that filters out access to that application, or is it set up that you have to explicitly state what the...
  4. Re: Ubuntu CE Dansguardian GUI for Hardy here!

    Do you work on the main Dansguardian project or just the Dansguardian GUI?
  5. Re: New Internet accountability software: Net Responsibility

    It may be worth a look into Covenant Eyes. I use it on my windows boxes now. I'm also looking to move one or more OS's to Ubuntu from windows, but like Mattevt I would like to maintain...
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