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    Re: LDAP Slave/Replication


    i am working on same seneriou, i hope you complete your task, and sure you give me hand to do the same.

    i was read many artical to configure LDAP slave but not success, i am using LDAP...
  2. [SOLVED] Re: Authenticating Windows to openLDAP server on Ubuntu 9.10

    Hi Sir,

    i was successfully configure the LDAP domain controller, and i am very thanksful to you, to write greate guide to configure Samba LDAP in simple and quick.

    Can you do more more favior...
  3. Re: Ubuntu Server 7.10: OpenLDAP + SAMBA Domain Controller

    This was an awesome tutorial, i have Samba + OpenLDAP PDC in fully working i have some querry about the same could you please get back to me.

    Q.1: how many numbers of users login into samba...
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    [ubuntu] OpenLDAP User not add to database

    Hi All,
    This is my first thread hear, i am in trouble i was configure OpenLDAP + Samba as a PDC to follow this link
    but when i try to add user in...
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