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  1. [ubuntu] install of nvidia-driver-96 courses "front" desktop items to disapear

    version 10.04

    Install of nvidia-driver-96(recommended) for my nvidia card.

    Then I picked the wanted resolution in Nvidia X Server Settings and save to xorg.conf.

    Restart - fine - I get...
  2. [ubuntu] How to uninstall all kaffeine related files ?

    hi forum

    Recently I installed Kaffeine in ubuntu 9.10.

    Right now I need to go back to point zero and get rid of
    all - and I mean all kaffeine related files.

    Is there a way ?
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    [ubuntu] Re: trouble burning a audio CD

    BUMP !

    I have searched for information about this problem. found nothing.

    Can anybody give me a hint?

    Is it likely to be a softwarebug ? a hardwarebug ?

    how do I attack this problem ?
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    [ubuntu] trouble burning a audio CD

    The dics in "DVD A DH20A4P":
    is not supported: insert a recordable CD

    is the message I get - when I insert a Cd-r blank in drive - after
    a copy audio Cd temp file is succesfully made

  5. [ubuntu] Re: Xorg.0.log error and nVidia TV out settings

  6. [ubuntu] Xorg.0.log error and nVidia TV out settings

    Os: ubuntu 8.10
    graphics Geforce 7500 Le
    driver NVIDIA 177.82
    TV and AV cables, ports checked. They work fine.
    computer HP pavilion model a1628sc

    I have used this guide for setting up...
  7. [xubuntu] Re: Xubuntu 8.10 rc :Recommneded downloaded Nvida driver won't install

    Thank you for your answers

    I'll downgrade to xubuntu 8.04 and stay there for a while
  8. [xubuntu] [SOLVED] Xubuntu 8.10 rc :Recommneded downloaded Nvida driver won't install

    I haved installed Xunbuntu on a old computer with a geforce 3 graphic

    I can download the Nvidia proprietary diver but it won't install.
    I have tried nvidia-xconfig in terminal, it did'nt...
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    Poll: Re: Tell us about your Intrepid experience?

    1) I miss "Screens and Graphics"

    2) the stuttering Pulseaudio bug fra 8.04 is still alive
    and kicking. That is just a drag.
  10. [ubuntu] Specific mp3 playback problem in Vlc

    I have uninstalled totemplayer, still got vlc and Rhymthbox.
    Mp3 playblack is fine in Rhymthbox... but choppy and not optimal in Vlc.

    Vlc is favorite player for all purpose -
    I have...
  11. [ubuntu] Re: can't get "Nvidia accelerated graphics driver"

    That helped. Thanks a lot
  12. [ubuntu] Re: can't get "Nvidia accelerated graphics driver"

    yes I get the same message
  13. [ubuntu] can't get "Nvidia accelerated graphics driver"

    Clean installation ubuntu 8.04 : when I try to enable that driver
    for geforce 3 I get following error message:

    W: Failed to fetch...
  14. [ubuntu] linuxcompability for motherboard Km4m-L (MSI)

    I cant find any information that verify linuxcompability for
    this motherboard :

    km4m-L from MSI

    with onboard soundcard:
    AC'97 link controller integrated in VIAź VT8235
    RealTek ALC655...
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