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    Poll: Re: Which is your main IM network?

    Am I one of the few people who just don't use them?
  2. Re: Free Ebooks for Designers and Developers

    if you're specifically interested in JavaScript:
  3. Re: What are some alternatives to Skype and Vonage on Ubuntu

    if all you want to do is make video calls with people you know in the USA, then I'd expect Google Voice / G+ hangouts to have everything you need. they're both FREE. Just verify your account with an...
  4. Re: Proposed: Chromium as Ubuntu's default browser

    right now my sound is all choppy on regular Chrome on Ubuntu.
    Chromium doesn't seem to let you create profiles.
    well that prompted me to Google it and I found this:...
  5. Re: Routing my home internet connection to Android device

    Get a phone plan, and install easytether on your android. probably not the kind of answer you want to hear really, but how would someone access their home connection when at school (if I'm reading...
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    Re: why is skype still available for Linux

    full featured Skype costs money, and they don't need to lose any customers. just my guess.
  7. Re: How does Richard Stallman browse the internet?

    that guy's bot seems to be on identica a lot... I doubt he'd respond on there though. is he easy to contact (for someone who is basically a celebrity?)
  8. is there any good way to install iTunes with wine + vineyard ?

    it asks me if I want to install dependencies first, I said yeah since the installation was 'corrupt' when I didn't before. then it just takes forever with nothing happening.
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