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  1. gtk theme not displaying properly for pidgin or hexchat

    I went to make my gtk theme the same pidgin theme I saw somebody online using. However, it's not displaying properly. Example, the bottom "Available" box is square. Green is not showing up in the...
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    Re: Text to Speech
  3. Re: JSpeak - The Ultimate in Linux Text-to-Speach Software

    tbz is the same as Use this command to extract it.

    tar -xf JSpeak.tbzDo not extract the JSpeak.jar file. Run it with

    java -jar JSpeak.jarWould it be easier for you if I wrote an...
  4. [all variants] Apache redirecting URLs with Gitorious

    I followed the instructions here to set up Gitorious (uses Apache), and it seems to have caused a problem with how Apache is behaving.

    I installed on my cloud server. Whenever I try to access a...
  5. Re: Cool applications you use that others might not know of

    It's not a mistake. It's the equivalent of .tar.bz2. So .tbz is the same as .tar.bz2, make sense?
  6. Re: Cool applications you use that others might not know of

    Yes, thank you for posting it there, and helping make the open source community aware of JSpeak!

    Please file a bug report as an "enhancement" at

  7. JSpeak - The Ultimate in Linux Text-to-Speach Software

    JSpeak Demo

    Full instructions located at

    or just use the ones below.
  8. Re: Natural Reader / Other Text-to-Speech or Screen Readers

    What do you mean exactly? Could you give some more specific details? Full instructions are on the front page here at Github.
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    [ubuntu] Re: TTS Program

    If you find some better sounding voices, let me know so I can incorporate them into my software.
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    Re: Female Robotic Text-To-Speech Tutorial

    Have you taken a look at JSpeak?
  11. Re: Howto: Setup more realistic voices in Festival.

    I think you will be happy with this one.
  12. Re: Cool applications you use that others might not know of

    JSpeak, I created it because I was sick of rebooting to Windows to use 2nd Speech Center and ReadAloud. It turned out very nice. There's a youtube video demonstrating it on my blog. Check it out =)
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    Re: Using VOCE

    This isn't voice recognition, but since you like that kind of software, I thought I should mention JSpeak.
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    Re: Text to Speech

    I think I know exactly what you are looking for. Check the youtube video that's on this blog for the software JSpeak.
  15. Re: HOWTO: Make festival TTS use better voices (MBROLA / CMU / HTS)

    Give JSpeak a try. IMHO, it's the best TTS software for Linux =D
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    [ubuntu] Re: Need to convert PDF to Audio MP3

    This software called JSpeak makes gespeaker look pathetic, just saying.
  17. Re: Announcing Artha ~ An off-line English thesaurus with hot key look up & notificat

    For those of you that like Text To Speech (TTS) Software, this is a new one and best one hands down I've found for linux.
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    [SOLVED] Re: No sound in Enemy Territory

    Fails for me. I tried creating the file in vim even, and I wasn't permitted to save it.

    "oss" E212: Can't open file for writing

    root@ubuntu64 [03:13:17] [~/Desktop]
    -> # echo "et.x86 0 0...
  19. [gnome] Re: how to get mini-commander gnome applet

    Yes, I have managed to do that and also in previous versions of Ubuntu. I have not yet been able to do it on natty 11.04. I can help you get it working in 10.10 though.
  20. [all variants] Re: How to safely stop/remove PulseAudio in 10.04

    +1 thx :popcorn:
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    [all variants] Re: Port forwarding with netcat

    I don't have the answer. I am trying to do the same thing you are. Did you ever figure out how to do it, and if you did would you let me know?

  22. Re: Rosetta Stone "audio error" and 5118 message...

    I spoke to Wine developers in #winehq. Ubuntu has patched up the linux kernel so much to the point it's uncertain whether it's even called Linux anymore. Patches are being used also for bleeding edge...
  23. [ubuntu] Re: Logon Screen appears twice after returning computer from idle

    Anybody find a solution? This problem is still occuring for me with Ubuntu 10.10. I had the same problem in 10.04. However on my friends laptop, this doesn't happen, and he's running 10.10 through a...
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    [ubuntu] Re: getting talkd to work in 8.04

    Run nmap with sudo and -sU
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    [ubuntu] Re: getting talkd to work in 8.04

    You aren't supposed to "add extra permissions to the nobody account". You make the users you want belong to that group.
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