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  1. [ubuntu] Philips USB webcam - No driver after upgrade to 8.10

    I use a Philips spc220nc USB webcam. It worked with my system until I upgraded from Ubuntu 8.04 to 8.10.

    When I try to open the Camorama program, I get the error message "Unable to capture image"....
  2. [ubuntu] Ubuntu 8.10 won't connect to internet, options too confusing

    I've upgraded from Ubuntu 8.04 to 8.10 using the internet update manager. Since then, I've been unable to use the internet.

    I've looked in the network config menu(after it having disappeared to...
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    Re: Curious how many of us will upgrade?

    There should be an 'Upgrade to Ubuntu 8.04 "Hardy Heron"'option on the Update Manager in your current instant. It keeps all your documents, settings and installed apps(if they're on the new...
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    Re: bbc homepage changed to green colour

    It changes because of what you've selected in the thing on the right-hand side of the screen.
  5. Coming soon: Eee Desktop, Eee Monitor and Eee TV

    Asus to launch three new Eees(Report from PC Pro)
    You just can't hold them back. Although I would like an Eee with a touch screen, I'd certainly like to Eee my home.
  6. Re: if I was to buy a Nokia N810, which SD cards would you suggest?

    If you're unlikely to put much on the memory card, then just an ordinary SD card will do fine. Mini and Micro SD cards are really only for mobile phones and if you're unlikely to fill over 1GB than...
  7. Re: Ohhh the irony - Thanks for the ad revenues Bill

    Surely they must have the intelligence to know that we is* not interested.

    *deliberate grammar mistake to prove a point
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    Re: will malware become an issue for linux?

    It's really down the the innocent little end-users. If they just open a package from anywhere and just enter their password to run it, they'll be the ones to blame for breaking their system. And with...
  9. Re: If you could delete one word from the English language

    I would remove 'capitalism' as it is the cause of all the Earth's problems and just wrong.
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    Re: Firefox 3 to use native icons and tabs!

    I must say, I prefer to keep the current style. I find the native ones just make it look, well, tacky.
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    Re: When to expect phpbb 3.0?

    Well, with release candidate 7(you herd me right) just released last week, probably some time around the year 2017 hundred million and 4. They're really falling behind.
  12. Re: LOL, Stallman ambushed/blocked by ninjas

    Those Microsoft people must really be going over the top now. First having to pay for something we don't know is theirs and now this. Talk about active competition.
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    Re: Does Ubuntu come with OpenOffice 2.3?

    As far as I can tell, yes it does.
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    Re: My Childhood Hero Busted

    Well, with the recent Chinese lead paint scandal, that make two ways to kill with toys.
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    Poll: Re: Wine: Good or Bad

    It also eases the burden of developers writing cross-platform applications, they can just re-compile Windows ones against Winelibs.
  16. Thread: shipit

    by DalekClock

    Re: shipit

    Must be. They probably forgot to update the automated thing.
  17. Re: How Old Were You When You Started Using LInux?

    I started when I was 12, back in March.
  18. Re: Need FireFox extension to get sync bookmarks with Google

    That's really for using across multiple computers, and I'll need to create an account with them. Also, as far as I can tell, it doesn't work with Google Bookmarks.
  19. Need FireFox extension to get sync bookmarks with Google

    I use Google Bookmarks to manage my bookmarks. The Google website, however, is unreliable and I frequently can't get onto it, which then means that the toolbar doesn't get them. So I need to be able...
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    Re: iTunes 7 now works with Wine

    To be honest, I was expecting something like this a bit sooner, considering that iTunes is a major app and demand for it to work is great. I sure hope they perfect it's performance before v8 comes...
  21. Poll: Re: Which is the best messaging software?

    Pidgin. As well as being multi-protocol, it doesn't have useless extras like games, winks or nudges that plague WLM. I always hated it when my brother interupted my homework to show me some UFO.
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    Poll: Re: Free software preferences

    I don't really see what all the fuss is about. If it's good software, I'll use it. I don't really care much about the lisencing.
  23. Re: Microsoft announces their response to the iPhone...

    "This is completely different to the iPhone. After all, the iPhone actually works."
    --The Microsoft rebellious idiot who was asked to make the zunePhone

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    Re: What Distrobutions

    Well, there's Xubuntu, that's based on Ubuntu and uses the Xfce desktop, which is more lightweight than GNOME.
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    Re: Asus eee pc, feasibility of ubuntu?

    Do you know how to configure the EEE's BIOS? If yes, attach your CD drive and set it to boot from there.
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