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  1. Re: Can't access DVD drive in Win 7 under Kubuntu/VB

    You understood. I'm not trying to boot to a DVD. I'm trying to access one from within Windows 7. I have sometimes used ISOs as you suggest. That does work, but I'll be accessing a lot of physical...
  2. Can't access DVD drive in Win 7 under Kubuntu/VB

    Linux doesn't quite have all the DVD software that I want, so I want to use a few Windows programs. I therefore have Windows 7 installed to run under VirtualBox. However, in Win 7, I'm unable to...
  3. [kubuntu] So, if I need my VB Win 7 hard drive to be larger ...

    ... is the only way to delete my current VirtualBox Windows 7 install and start from scratch? I've been looking in the settings and can't seem to find a way to increase the size of hard drive...
  4. Re: Getting Windows 2000 to fill up the screen

    An update: I tried the Windows XP display driver. It came with an executable install program, but that did not work.
  5. Re: Getting Windows 2000 to fill up the screen

    Yes, I've installed that. I had installed it before and I've got Windows 7 running under Kubuntu/VirtualBox. I followed your link and upgraded to the latest. I'm still stuck at 800x600. I'm also...
  6. Getting Windows 2000 to fill up the screen

    I've gotten Windows 2000 to run under Kubuntu 14.04 via VirtualBox. However, the best resolution I've been able to get is 800x600, and, hence, it will not fill up the monitor on my Lenovo Z570. My...
  7. LibreOffice Writer java wizards don't work

    I can't seem to get all the wizards working in LibreOffice writer. The ones that don't work are Letter, Fax, and Agenda. All the other ones do work. I searched the web and found this post on the...
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    Re: Rosetta Stone 3.4.7 and the mic issue

    Hi, Alex, you might not like my solution, but I fought with this issue for days, never getting it to work, pulling out my hair and practically getting an ulcer. I finally resorted to not using WINE...
  9. [SOLVED] Re: Restrict Windows 2000 from accessing Internet

    Okay, that's the info I need. Thanks for the help.
  10. [SOLVED] Restrict Windows 2000 from accessing Internet

    I have a laptop with Kubuntu 14.04 and Windows 7 under VirtualBox. I need to run Microsoft Visual BASIC 6, an old development tool, which is not compatible with Windows 7. I therefore plan to...
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    [kubuntu] Menus in KompoZer trashed

    The best WYSIWYG HTML editor for Linux is supposed to be KompoZer. I installed it maybe about a month or two ago and it was working great at first. However, somehow its menus have gotten trashed. ...
  12. Need to get KOrganizer to smartphone and back - for nincompoops

    I keep my appointments, to-dos, and my address book in KOrganizer, KAddressbook, and Kontact which came with my distro of Linux, Kubuntu. That most important part are my appointments and to-dos. I...
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    Re: I hope they haven't bailed on syncing Linux/KDE with Android

    Precisely, thanks. Iíll give that app a try.

    I know the NSA/FBI, etc. probably arenít interested in my dental appointments either, but Iíve had enough bad experiences with privacy...
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    Syncing Linux/KDE with Android

    I got myself an Android phone finally. One of the main reasons is I miss my days using a Palm Tungsten E and E2 to carry my schedule around with me. When I worked at my desk, I would sync it with...
  15. Re: Wife wants to keep Windows but I want Ubuntu for her!

    ^^^ This. If she's going to be doing much in the way of videos, go with a dual boot. I have my laptop set up with with a dual boot and with Windows under VirtualBox. VB is great if I want to run...
  16. [all variants] Windows under VB always wants to scan USB drive

    I'm running Kubuntu 13.10 with Windows 7 Ultimate under VirtualBox. I save all my work to thumb drives. When I get into Win 7, I allow it access to a thumb drive and Windows says the drive needs to...
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    Re: uninstall and reinstall Windows in VB

    I was actually planning to leave the current install for the time being while I install another instantiation of Windows. That way I would not have to immediately install all my applications and I...
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    uninstall and reinstall Windows in VB

    I have reason to believe my install of Windows 7 under VirtualBox (under Kubuntu 13.10) has problems. I think I'd like to just completely remove it and reinstall it. In VirtualBox I'm not finding a...
  19. [SOLVED] Re: 32-bit prog is a meanie on 64-bit Kubuntu

    Done. Thanks for the heads up.

    I'm also reproducing here the letter I wrote to the programmer since it might help French speakers who are searching the Internet for a solution (though I make no...
  20. [SOLVED] Re: 32-bit prog is a meanie on 64-bit Kubuntu

    Success! Thanks to your information I was able to figure it out. I'll document here what worked so that others doing searches may benefit.

    When I attempted to run Le Conjugueur in the...
  21. [SOLVED] 32-bit prog is a meanie on 64-bit Kubuntu

    I'm having an awful time installing a French verb conjugation application named Le Conjuguer ( I use it on my Lenovo laptop with Kubuntu 13.10....
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    Mac OS under VirtualBox?

    I have a Lenovo laptop with Kubuntu 13.10. Most of the time I run Kubuntu only with Linux-based software and do just fine. There is one program (Treepad Business) that I run under WINE, and it runs...
  23. Re: VB-Win 7's C drive ... where? / shared folders?

    Thanks. That explanation and the tutorial were both helpful.
  24. VB-Win 7's C drive ... where? / shared folders?

    Shared folders the answer?

    I've used Kubuntu 13.x for many months now. I first set the laptop up as a dual boot with Kubuntu and Windows 7. However, it became monotonous to reboot every time I...
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    Can't access thumb drives or DVD drive

    Previously I was able to access everything. They stopped working after I did a search of my hard drive in Kubuntu to delete unneeded ISO files. I download videos and burn them to DVD via DeVeDe. ...
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