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    [SOLVED] Re: AWLL5088 Airlink 101 installation help

    I know it's been marked as solved, but just thought I'd shed more light on this - yes, it's working out of the box, at least from my experience on 11.10 64-bit as of at least April 2012. So for...
  2. [SOLVED] Re: Problems with Intel WiMAX/WiFi 6050 Wireless Card

    Well I just kept fiddling around before finally just giving up, I cleaned off all the drivers I downloaded and reset everything to default and used the janitor tool to get rid of the mess I left when...
  3. [SOLVED] Re: [Natty] Fujitsu Lifebook, Wacom and audio input fixes

    That'd be in terminal, good sir. You can find it by going into applications on the left side and looking around for terminal. Terminal is pretty much command line for linux.
  4. [SOLVED] Problems with Intel WiMAX/WiFi 6050 Wireless Card

    I'll preface by saying I know there was a thread on this already, but I seriously read every word and can't get the dang thing to work (well, 100% of the time)! Also, I've been using ubuntu for about...
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