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  1. Re: What software for development should I use?

    I would recommend using Eclipse, I've used this in the past with Ubuntu to do Java, C++ and Android programming.

    Its a very full featured editor and is cross platform and used at a lot of academic...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Program already running

    Further to the previous comment - I found it just as easy to follow the instructions left in post #5 of that sticky, in particular...

    install dconf editor (should be in software centre)

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    [ubuntu] Re: ATI drivers not working in Ubuntu 11.10

    I can confirm I am having similar issues using a Dell Studio XPS with an ATI radeon hd 3670.

    The system seems to work alright with the default driver which I'm guessing is open source. It does...
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    [ubuntu] Wireless problem dual boot

    Hi all,
    I'm having a rough time with my wireless connection after using 11.04 for a few weeks now. I'm dual booting with windows 7 and I notice that if I boot into windows the wireless connects...
  5. [ubuntu] Re: How to get Rythombox Desktop Art Plugin to work

    Well, I've still got the problem but I managed to find a workaround that I've settled with for now. If I go into each of my album folders within music and rename the album cover jpg to "cover.jpg"...
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    [ubuntu] Re: In 9.10, Desktop Icons Won't Stay Put

    Sorry for not providing any solutions... I'm just confirming that I am also experiencing this bug and can't seem to find the proper Glib to update within synaptic... did you guys have to add any...
  7. [ubuntu] Re: How to get Rythombox Desktop Art Plugin to work

    Hey, apologies in advance if I'm hijacking this thread. I'm having some issues with this plug-in as well and wondering if anyone can lend some advice.

    I am able to install the thing just great and...
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    Re: HOWTO: Remove APE tags from MP3 Files

    Madverbs solution worked beautifully for me

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    Re: Please help test usb-creator

    Hi, I'm not totally sure if this fits into the right discussion but I'm having some problems with the USB-creator tool in 8.10

    I ran the tool with no problems from the live CD using my empty 2G...
  10. [ubuntu] Re: sound working in flash movies but thats about it...

    Hey so I think I've somewhat figured this out.

    Russ was very correct on suggesting exploring which output plug-ins my various programs were using. I sometimes had to do a lot of tinkering to find...
  11. [ubuntu] Re: sound working in flash movies but thats about it...

    thanks for the speedy reply Russ

    and yes I forgot to mention about my tinkerings with the sound output devices

    it seems that of the various options I am given for the tests I can get sound to...
  12. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] sound working in flash movies but thats about it...

    So my history with getting sound to work in ubuntu has been a long and tired process. I started playing with ubuntu when Feisty Fawn was around and have yet to make sound work 100% on my main desktop...
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