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    [ubuntu] Re: Faulty 14.10 and windows 10

    Unfortunately, yes. It is unmaintained, broken and not recommended of course, but it still exists on current ISO of Ubuntu 15.04:
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    [ubuntu] Re: Faulty 14.10 and windows 10

    14.10 has reached its “end of life". So, if you couldn't get updates, it is a feature not a bug ;-).

    Besides the current official maintainance situation of Wubi, it doesn't make sense to use Wubi...
  3. [ubuntu] Re: Can one Install Ubuntu on a Netbook Flexx 11?

    Besides the current official maintainance situation of Wubi:

    Some months ago, an Ubuntu user asked me for Wubi support of a 32 bit EFI. He had purchased an Acer Iconia 8W. I changed a working Wubi...
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    Re: Install on EFI disk with Windows 7

    IMHO if you can split partitions to create own partitions for Ubuntu, there is no need for Wubi. Maybe, Wubi raises false expectations.

    The error message of Wubi means that you use Windows in EFI...
  5. [ubuntu] Re: Ubantu 14.04 installation error in lenovo laptop

    If there is a Dynamic Disk as I assumed, there is no advantage in using Wubi because it is impossible to install Ubuntu with Wubi! Here is an example for your error message regarding Wubi. This...
  6. Re: Ubuntu 14.04 WUBI installation help.

    Hmm. Are you sure that there is no matching result? I googled it, too and my first result for "Serious errors were found while checking the disk drive for /." was...
  7. [ubuntu] Re: Ubantu 14.04 installation error in lenovo laptop

    IMHO it looks like a Dynamic Disk. For "Dynamic Disks" please read this.
  8. [ubuntu] Re: Cannot download metalink, therefore the ISO cannot be downloaded either

    Wubi for 14.04 uses outdated download links. But it is not really a problem because there is no need to use Wubi for downloading Ubuntu iso files. It is easy to download it manually.

    If you...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Getting started.

    IMHO it is an old bug: bug 1155704

    That means that you use an old Wubi version which downloads an old development release of 13.04. It makes really no sense to repair this install.

    Is there a...
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    [ubuntu] Re: File system not clean

    IMHO, your problems are not related to Wubi. Wubi does not change the file system of your Windows partitions. So a Windows recovery tool should have no problems because of Wubi.

    Maybe, an unclean...
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    Re: Can't Boot

    IMHO there are two different issues:

    The "black screen" issue which does not depend on Wubi and the "serious errors" issue (aka bug 1317437) which depends on Wubi.

    I wanted to avoid the...
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    Re: Can't Boot

    IHMO your issue is not a Wubi issue.

    Maybe you can solve it, editing_the_GRUB_2_menu during boot:

    The GRUB 2 menu is the purple menu. Press 'e' for edit mode. Change the line beginning with...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Wubi 14.10 - Workaround possible?

    For testing purpose, I upgraded Ubuntu 14.10 to Ubuntu 15.04 without any problems but I have inserted in all Wubi versions a script for bug 1317437.

    There is a fix written by noorez-kassam but...
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    Re: what the solve ?? help me

    IMHO you use Wubi for Ubuntu 14.10 but you do not use Windows in UEFI mode. This is also possible for Windows 8.1.

    IMHO your issue is a known bug and a workaround is possible.

    But in most...
  15. Re: Dual boot WIN 8.1 & UBUNTU trusty :- EUFI problem

    This means that wubildr.mbr doesn't work in UEFI mode. wubildr.mbr is part of a Wubi install but it is not your current install. There is a second install without Wubi, too:

    Unfortunately, Ubuntu...
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    Re: Upgrade from 9.04 to 14.04.

    IMHO it is always possible to install Ubuntu 14.04.2 without Wubi and it would be the better solution. But if your alternate decision is that you use an outdated 9.04 with Wubi, here are some...
  17. Re: Ubuntu installation on a portable USB hard drive & Grub2 boot manager

    Maybe helpful: The default boot sequence of Wubi boot loader is:

    wubildr.mbr -> wubildr -> /ubuntu/disks/root.disk -> /boot/grub/grub.cfg within (/ubuntu/disks/root.disk)

    if ...
  18. Re: Ubuntu installation on a portable USB hard drive & Grub2 boot manager

    There is a third file wubildr which contains a lot of necessary GRUB modules.

    wubildr uses GRUB modules for 32 bit BIOS mode. i.e. You cannot use it in UEFI mode but a 32 bit GRUB loader can boot...
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    [SOLVED] Re: No ethernet or wifi -bcm4306

    As Wild Man described above you can install the firmware without working wired internet.

    If that is not possible because.. can download the file to a Windows partition (drive). At least...
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    [SOLVED] Re: No ethernet or wifi -bcm4306

    Hey tanner4,

    welcome to the forums.

    IMHO Broadcom BCM4306 needs a special firmware:
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    Re: Try(HD0,0):NTFS5: Target filesystem doesn't have requested /sbin/init. no init fo

    Do you have a backup which was made immediately before upgrade?

    If your file system is corrupted, you should correct a possible corrupted Windows file system before correcting the file system...
  22. Re: error message when trying to install

    Hello scott91,

    welcome to the forums.

    First of all, this means that you use Wubi. Wubi is not recommended and it is not really officially supported. So it is better to avoid it.

    It is...
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    Re: No Install Inside On Windows?

    There are workarounds for known issues:

    14.04 and above: bug 1317437 workaround:
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    Re: Ubuntu 14.04 won't load after upgrade

    IMHO it is an additional issue which does not depend on Wubi. There are several reasons for errors after an upgrade.

    In this case, it is a better solution to fix the mounting bug with this...
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    [wubi] Re: Metalink error

    IMHO it is bug 1367071. Same issue for 14.04.2. A workaround is here.

    Note: In general, Wubi is not recommended. If you use Windows 8.1 in UEFI mode, the linked workaround above is not enough. I...
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