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  1. [ubuntu] Redirect Thunderbird's downloaded Hotmail e-mails

    Yea Thunderbird downloaded all e-mails from the Hotmail server. I forgot to set configure Thunderbird, so that it keeps all e-mails on the server. I was just happy that I somehow managed to get...
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    Re: General MoBlock thread

    Hey, I just wanted to know why Moblock and Mobloquer are not listed in the Synaptic Package Manager. I use Ubuntu 8.10 64 Bit Alternate Version (I need RAID support). The installation process would...
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    Re: Moblock (peerguardian linux alternative)

    First off, thanks for this! MoBlock is superawesome, nice job. But I've got an issue.

    I was sure that this would solve my problem, but it did not. I can't connect to MSN anymore, I'm using...
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