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    Re: TF2 in Wine, no keyboard?

    I have yet to find a version of Wine that gets keyboard focus right for Source-engine games launched from Steam. I fix it by alt-tabbing out of the application, then clicking on the minimised window...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Wine hack, how to type/insert hack/script?

    Not even that hard - the first line of the patch itself tells you the file it applies to.
    (and the patch command the helpful earlier poster included in his instructions actually applies it, once...
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    Re: MatLAB with Wine 1.1.32

    Well, it was worth a try :D

    So, let's have a look at your problem.

    What do you mean by "Wine stops working afterwards"? The wine process hangs? You can't run anything else in Wine?

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    Re: MatLAB with Wine 1.1.32

    Not quite help with getting Matlab working, but a suggestion:

    Octave is a 95% compatible open-source, linux native Matlab-clone. It's in Ubuntu Software Centre.
    If you don't specifically need...
  5. Re: Karmic dist-upgrade from Jaunty breaks Wine audio for Bioshock?

    Right. This appears to be an instance of bug 20177, to do with OpenAL problems in Wine/OpenAL Soft.

    Following the advice in the thread (setting OpenAL to native with

  6. [SOLVED] Karmic dist-upgrade from Jaunty breaks Wine audio for Bioshock?

    Hi all,

    So, I dist-upgraded from Jaunty to Karmic yesterday, and things seemed fine. In particular, nothing bad seemed to have happened to audio (testing in various applications, including Flash...
  7. Re: Skype seems to be locked out from the internet ( can't connect ).

    This may be a really stupid question, but you are aware that there's a release of Skype for Linux, aren't you?
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    Re: Wine+CM 03/04 won't start

    Yeah, it looks like a copy-protection cd-check which is failing.
    I know there's some work going on with getting cd access working in OSX, but I doubt that's your problem.

    No-cd crack will...
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    Re: What does this mean?

    Well, you still haven't told us what game it is. This makes it a little hard to debug, given that the terminal output you *have* got is common to a lot of games in Wine that do work.
  10. [ubuntu] Importing (copy) of IE Favorites folder into Firefox - impossible?

    Hello all,

    I am trying to restore bookmarks from a Windows based install on a rapidly dying harddisk (I can't boot from this disk, but I did manage to whip stuff off it before it died).

    So, I...
  11. Thread: Steam Games

    by aoanla

    Re: Steam Games

    So. If by "all Dooms" you mean Doom and Doom 2 as well as Doom 3, then I should note that Doom and Doom 2 are DOS games, rather than Windows games (and the game engine has multiple linux ports).
  12. Re: What games would you like to see working perfectly in 1.2?

    Or, since I just read the top post properly, if Bioshock is hard because the demo wouldn't show the main bug (since there's no level transition), then a good thing to fix would be the Unity Web...
  13. Re: What games would you like to see working perfectly in 1.2?

    It might be nice to see Bioshock working - there's a couple of long-standing bugs that require patches to fix (one of which prevents you loading the second level or beyond, so that's pretty...
  14. Re: World Of Warcraft Wrath Of The Lich King isnt installing


    This issue isn't actually Wine's fault - it's sort of Blizzard's fault as to how they made the DVDs for the Lich King release, but it causes more problems for linux than it does for most...
  15. Re: wineserver: could not save registry branch to system.reg : No space left on devic

    So, in a terminal, type

    df -h

    and tell us what the output is. ("df" is the command for returning the 'd'isk 'f'ree on all the filesystems currently mounted, and -h makes it give a sensible...
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    Re: Mouse problems in wine

    So, the underlying problem is that Wine can't grab the mouse pointer in the "correct" way to stop it moving + get direct updates from the mouse itself. This is partly a problem with X itself, which...
  17. Re: [SOLVED] Wrath of the Lich King (WoW) Install Probs.

    umount, on the other hand, is. (Yes, I know it's counterintuitive.)
  18. Thread: WOW Woes

    by aoanla

    Re: WOW Woes

    Yes, it would.

    What hikaricore means is "you must use a non-free nVidia driver from nVidia", it doesn't matter if you use the restricted driver that comes with Ubuntu, or the latest stable release...
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    Re: Wine 1.1.17 doesn't work at all!

    What graphics card do you have, and what version of the drivers for it do you have installed?

    (If you don't know the latter, give us the output of glxinfo )
  20. Re: Wine 1.1.17 release broken - no wine_pthreads exists?

    Delete the wine programs in /usr/local/bin/

    rm /usr/local/bin/wine*

    and then uninstall and reinstall wine.

    I suspect that what's happening is that the removal of one of the two...
  21. Re: Wine 1.1.17 release broken - no wine_pthreads exists?

    Fixed, by uninstalling wine, and reinstalling it.

    Very very odd.
  22. Wine 1.1.17 release broken - no wine_pthreads exists?

    So, I just upgraded to Wine 1.1.17 via the budgetdedicated repository, as normal. I'm using 64bit Intrepid.

    On trying to start steam in this release, I get:

    $ wine steam.exe ...
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    Re: Trials 2 don't work in wine


    Trials 2 is playable, although with some visible corruption, in wine 1.1.16 for me (with nVidia driver 180.35).

    I've updated the bug report attached to Trials 2 to reflect this...
  24. mpmath package for python doesn't seem to import properly...

    Hello everyone.

    Wanting to do some coding involving non-trivial mathematical functions, I installed the Python mpmath package from the repositories.

    However, there's something confusing about...
  25. Thread: wine

    by aoanla

    Re: wine

    ..what do you mean "installed from the web"? The origin of the installation is irrelevant - what would matter is if it was installed from a .deb file (and therefore managed by apt/dpkg) or if you...
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