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    Using Wine for Sky Caddie software

    First time attempt at using Wine and was successful following instructions from Ubuntu book for Non-Geeks with notepad. Decided to try with a program that I have purchased and only runs on Windows...
  2. [ubuntu] SOLVED: Re: Windows Media Audio 9 Decoder/no sound in Movie Player

    Appreciate the assistance...mark this solved. I already had mplayer installed and opened the file there and it worked perfectly!

    Thanks again Ubuntu community!!
  3. [ubuntu] Re: Windows Media Audio 9 Decoder/no sound in Movie Player

    Thanks Jeff...solved the issue for one of the media file but for some reason I cannot get sound on the other.

    <EDIT> Seems as if the 1 file that worked was MS codec 8. Still cannot get the audio...
  4. [ubuntu] Windows Media Audio 9 Decoder/no sound in Movie Player

    Testing Koala 9.10.

    Sound is working fine and I have unmuted since upgrade and I can now use Rhythmbox and most aspects with sound including my music.

    However still no sound in Movie Player and...
  5. [ubuntu] download folder not associating file launcher

    Recently upgraded to Firefox 3.5.3 (Shiretoko) and am really impressed with the speed upgrade.

    However when I download a file, right click to open it, I get the Choose Application screen (see...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Flash playing only on selected sites

    Thanks is as I suspected.

    Will definitely advise their webmaster. You would think that they would recognize this and build their site for this!
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    [ubuntu] OpenOffice 3.1.1 upgrade won't work

    Running 9.04 Jaunty.

    Opened up 3.10 OOo and noticed the arrow indicating there was an upgrade available so downloaded the OOo_3.1.1_LinuxIntel_install_en-US_deb.tar.gz file.

    Installed using...
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    [ubuntu] Flash playing only on selected sites

    Using Jaunty 9.04, dual boot with Windows XP.

    Flash plays on selected sites including the Adobe site, however have found a site that worked in Windows but not Ubuntu.

    If someone can try this...
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    [ubuntu] PPPOE modem in Live Desktop

    Need help from our Ubuntu friends.

    My Mother in Law's computer is running XP and she is running an Efficient Networks SpeedStream 5360 modem.
    The computer is an older Dell Latitude P3 with 384MB...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Install problems

    quickgold 192,

    Interesting and something I will try.

    I have NO WIRELESS devices other than for internet, keyboard and mouse are USB running through a 8 port USB hub.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Syncronizing Google and Evolution Calendars

    Interesting posts here.

    I too am curious as to why Evolution does some of the things with my Google calendar the way it does. If someone can help me, I would be most appreciative.
    Background. ...
  12. Thread: Open Office

    by tdmoore

    [ubuntu] Re: Open Office


    Another great source is Solveig Haugland's blog...

    She was on the Sun team that developed the Suite and her tips are outstanding.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Install problems

    Thanks...I have absolutely no idea honestly what you are talking about.

    Running dual boot with Win XP, I was able to boot into 9.04 using the lower option in the boot menu.

    One of my printers...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Install problems

    I too have the same issue.

    antikristian: the code above, can you clarify please? Is that an "L" lower case after the A?

    Not really sure what I should look for so appreciate the help.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Problems syncing gmail contacts with evolution

    I just tried it tonight for the first time following the guide and it worked fine. Thanks for the tip.
    Ubuntu 8.10, Evolution 2.24.3. We run inside Google Apps for domain.

    However, I do have a...
  16. [ubuntu] Re: Notes in OOo documents not showing after PDF export


    Used the .deb package and gdebi installer.

    As well, the Adobe reader package recognizes the notes from the OOo file.

    Wish Evince would as well but I have the solution.

    Thanks for...
  17. [ubuntu] Re: Notes in OOo documents not showing after PDF export

    OK...have downloaded Adobe Reader but these tar.gz files always give me problems.

    No Bugs...can you assist me in loading this properly? I have downloaded to my home folder, realize tar is like a...
  18. [ubuntu] Re: Notes in OOo documents not showing after PDF export

    Have tried other very simple files and it seems as if Evince does not support notes.

    Will try loading Adobe Reader to see if that works which would not be my preference. Would like to see Evince...
  19. [ubuntu] Notes in OOo documents not showing after PDF export

    Fairly new to Ubuntu but 100% committed to use at home.

    Running Ibex 8.10.

    Situation: using OOo 3.0 and fairly proficient with it. I create document in Writer, export to PDF, toggle the export...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Syncing Evolution with Google Calendars


    We use Google Apps calendar for our work and I use Evolution at home (Intrepid).
    Evo version is 2.24.2.

    Very curious as to how you got "all options available" in Evo as when I set up...
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    Re: Howto Set Up and sync a Palm PDA

    I have spent the past many hours (now days) reading over the 10 + pages going back several years...and trying everything.
    Looking for help. Not an IT guy, fairly new to Ubuntu

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    [ubuntu] Re: Printer just stopped working

    After fiddling around for some time, I finally just copied the sheets into another file thinking I may have had a corrupt file...voila, it worked.

    Just advising for others....
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    [ubuntu] Re: Printer just stopped working

    After working on my issue and looking in the forums, I have a similar issue with a twist.

    Running 8.10. Printer is a Xerox Phaser 6110 that used to run perfectly.

    Print tests run fine, printing...
  24. [all variants] Re: Security concern - Found my PC at logon screen third day in row!


    Are you running dual boot? Although not very well versed on how to solve issues, I run dual boot and find that if using Windows and shut down, sometimes the computer reboots and after...
  25. Re: Why is Ubuntu and its variants better than Windows?

    Interesting point here.

    I use OOo at both home (Ubuntu, Hardy Heron) and work (Windows) (both versions 2.4) and unless I am mistaken, you need to download a utility first before you can open DOCX,...
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