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    building a linuxbox

    ive already got the computer build , not fully upgraded, im needing to find a full tower case something beige preferbably, can any one help with this?
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    pandigital novel and ubuntu

    ok so recently i was given a pandigital novel 7 the black one
    model PRD07T20WBLA
    been doing research about it, have seen a couple vague tuts,
    on a couple people who have successfully rooted ...
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    PC crash and drive wont mount

    k so when i turned my PC on this morning it booted up fine, did a few updates, restarted the PC and could no longer use my mefia hard drive
    OS. linux mint 16

    when i try to open the drive i gfet...
  4. Re: motherboard/processor compatable with linux?

    yes sorry kinda been a long day,
    reason im asking is because ive been reading different forums acroww the web
    and that seems to be a commen problem when isuing APU style motherboards/cpu/gpu
    they ...
  5. Re: motherboard/processor compatable with linux?

    im aware thats not an AM3 motherboard, and you should be aware the proc i bout it isn't AM3 either
    the proc is FM1 thats why im looking at that asus motherboard,
    i have an AM2+/AM3 motherboard...
  6. Asus F1A75-V Pro motherboard / AMD Athlon II 651K processor compatible with Linux?

    do to my recient error ording a new CPU( ordered the wrong one) lol ive decided to build a new linux rig
    the proc i proc i ordered is the athlon II X4 351K 3.0ghz black edition

    planning on...
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    video card upgrade help

    so due to the recient update my vid card is no long supported
    im looken a a few differend ones and the one that sticks out the most
    is a 4870x2
    my question is will i have the same issue with it...
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    full screen on multi monitor display

    is there any way to utalize fill screen on a miltimonitor display, ive been doing research on how to do it but havn't found any real way to make it happen
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    [ubuntu] Re: ugh ATI video card problems(HELP!!!!)

    been kicking around the idea of getting a couple new vid cards, guess this makes my decision for me maybe a couple 5770's or 6770's :) a single core graphics card just dont cut it lol
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    [ubuntu] Re: ugh ATI video card problems(HELP!!!!)

    it's 12.04.3 and thats kinda what i was wondering about it, and would it really make that much difference just after reinstalling? was working just fine till my promary hard drive died then i...
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    [ubuntu] Ati RadeonHD 3870 X2

    ok guys someone please help me out, im no so new to ubuntu now do i know every thing about it,
    i switched from windows after a series of bad updates corrupted the OS
    so heres my issue, i reciently...
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