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    [Linux Mint] TightVNC Shared Desktop

    Ive gotten my tight VNC server to start on autologin on my server, but when i remote into it, i get another desktop than the one i get if i plug in a screen.
    Since i plan on using it as...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Wallpaper on dual monitors

    Personally i use Nitrogen

    sudo apt-get install nitrogen

    then i repoint it to use a specified folder (since my collection of wallpapers is around 5000 it would be a pain to scroll through...
  3. [ubuntu] ATI 4870 Dual Monitor Jaunty, Maximize Problem

    Well I have searched and googled and looked.. but since I cant find anything im posting here.

    I own an ATI 4870 card that I use with my two monitors, both 19" screens, one TFT and one CRT

  4. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu 9.04 upgrade from Ubuntu 8.10 and ATI cards fglrx problem

    heh, i have both an ati machine (that i use daily with two monitors) and a nvidia one, no problems whats so ever on the nvidia one.. pressed the upgrade distro button. blop blopadop all done and...
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    [ubuntu] 4870 driver, video playback stretching >.

    Hi, im pretty new to ubuntu but ive been looking quite hard and havent
    seen anyone having the same problems i do.

    playing videos in ubuntu works great!
    BUT! as soon as i install the driver, the...
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