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    [ubuntu] Open VPN Ubuntu set-up question

    I am trying to set up Open VPN using the guide here:

    The keys and certificates are provided to me so I simply need to set up the client Ubuntu...
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    Re: What Distro made fall in love with it?

    I like the community of Ubuntu, first. And the second-to-none support second.

    I have actually not found a single Linux distro that offers the combination of both simplicity and look out-of-the-box...
  3. Re: Which flavor would you install on this machine?

    2GB of RAM? XUbuntu for sure. I think you can go past LXDE.

    Have you tried LinuxMint XFCE edition?: Mint 17.1 Xfce...
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    Re: What Distro made fall in love with it?

    Me too - 7.04 Fiesty Fawn 'twas! My reason was so that I could put some new life into an older computer.

    There are some honorable mentions (all Ubuntu/Debian based) that I looked into at around...
  5. [SOLVED] Re: Run many update commands from text file - how?

    Thanks to all in this thread. All the replies were extremely useful.

    I ended up using your example unmodified and it worked as expected. This is a much better way to do it. Thanks.
  6. [SOLVED] Re: Run many update commands from text file - how?

    For both Wine and Sublime Text Editor, the PPAs were used to give the latest version. I would definitely need it for Wine; for Sublime-text, maybe not.

    Do you also recommend that the following be...
  7. [SOLVED] Re: Run many update commands from text file - how?

    Thanks for the help. I added this to the script file (and updated the original post here to reflect this):

    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/sublime-text-2
    sudo apt-get update
  8. [SOLVED] Run many update commands from text file - how?


    I have the following set of update commands that I need to execute from the command line:

    cd Downloads

    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-wine/ppa
    sudo apt-get update
  9. [ubuntu] Ubuntu Virtual Machine in XenServer - creating a template (cloning)


    I am working with XenServer 6.2. I have created an Ubuntu Virtual Machine (VM) and am looking to now convert this into a template. I will want to then use the template to create multiple...
  10. [SOLVED] Re: Ubuntu Minimal + Wine and CrossoverLinux

    I would need to create the file as root. What's the command to create the file in the particular location required?
  11. [SOLVED] Re: Ubuntu Minimal + Wine and CrossoverLinux

    ^^^^Than you for the reply - it was most informative. You were right about Geany - I did not need to add a ppa. I have tried the above procedure and have installed Wine and Crossover Linux(trial...
  12. [SOLVED] Ubuntu Minimal + Wine and CrossoverLinux

    Hi, I am looking to install the minimal version of Ubuntu 14.04. Then I would like to install Wine and CrossOverLinux - I do not want to install any other packages. With this in mind, I have decided...
  13. Re: What does MS Office actually do that openoffice does not?

    With MS Office, you can be worry free in terms of formatting.

    Even some simple documents that I've prepared in MS Office open with the COMPLETELY wrong formatting in OpenOffice Word. For me, that...
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    Re: Tell me about Fedora 14

    Oh yuck! That sounds horrible.
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    Re: The Absolute Sexiest Theme?

    From the official site:

    How do you get the text/panel(?) colors in the 3rd image in the sample screenshots...
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    Re: Overused movie sounds

    Should come with a (ear) warning!
  17. Re: Steve Jobs: "We donít see USB 3 taking off at this time."

    He's an idiot.
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    Re: Naughty November 2010 Screenshots

    What is she doing to herself? Is that blood on her chest?:([-X"Naughty" November indeed.:wink:
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    Re: Printer recommendations

    Hahaha! What?

    Give some details about the procedure you followed.
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    Re: Obvious October 2010 Screen shots

    Okay ok ok okay ok. My fault.
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    Re: Obvious October 2010 Screen shots

    Could you post the wallpaper?
  22. Poll: Re: Is Gnome broken somehow?

    EXACTLY! NOW is the time to do it!
  23. Poll: Re: Unity to be included as part of the default desktop installation

    Unity, Divided, Gnome, Footprint, HandFace, FootPalm,.....

    I couldn't care less.

    And after going through a video of Unity, I can't see it taking me more than 24 hours to get used to
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    Re: Tell us about your SSD experience.

    OCZ Vertex 30 GB

    Great with Windows

    AWFUL(and NOT recommended) with Ubuntu 10.04 or higher. With Ubuntu, it has proven to be nothing more than a waste of my time. I will not risk trying it...
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    Re: HTC Hero with Google Android & Ubuntu


    I thought you meant that you could dual boot:
    1. Android
    2. Ubuntu

    You got my hopes up.
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