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  1. [ubuntu] Re: Wireless too slow, Intel Pro/Wireless 3945ABG

    The outputs below show it runs at 54Mbps and not 10. How do you test it?
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    [SOLVED] Re: Dual boot, lost my hdd from windows

    What exactly do you mean by "I rebooted into the ubuntu disc and I can see it again"? What do you see? If you can't describe it in words, post a screenshot.
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    [server] Re: GHOST Vulnerability patch for 11.04?

    Nope. 11.04 does not get any updates since its end of life in October 2012.
  4. Re: Ubuntu Variants Inconsistencies.... Complaint

    So, basically, what you are saying is:
    - as long as end users don't know they somehow remotely interact with Linux, everything it fine
    - as long as Linux is hidden deep enough (Android), end...
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    Re: USB install help please

    Sure it's possible, and people have asked about it:
    Basically, you need an installation...
  6. Re: Cannot connect to internet using Ethernet

    What makes you think that it failed? It got an IP in both cases, which should be considered a success.
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    Re: Wireless Range Extender

    Errors like the above ( wget: unable to resolve host address ‘’) are usually DNS related. Can you try <ping -c 5> while connected to the extender. Also, post the output of...
  8. Re: Give me reasons why I should use ubuntu over any other distro?

    Indeed. We also support Windows,BSD and any other Linux distro you can think of - in short, any OS is supported.
    I rather doubt it's a good idea, and won't take part directly, however that's the...
  9. Re: Cannot install ububntu 14.10 x64 on my old desktop PC

    Why the Can't you just post the specs in the original?
  10. Re: Trying to use VPN, but no wireless icon is present.

    What Ubuntu release do you use? All of them shold have the Network Manager preinstalled, and the applet autostarted. The icon should be somewhere (uless it is a derivative that comes without) - top...
  11. Re: Opera's vastly better CPU management v. Firefox

    Not really a problem here as well, so you really wanna check if something is wrong with your profile. Using Opera is alright too, if you don't mind huge release gaps.
  12. Thread: Xorg.conf

    by mikewhatever

    Re: Xorg.conf

    1. You probably run the commands as root, so the history is saved in the root user's home - /root. Not sure why you need it, the generated xorg.conf (no capitals!) is what matters.
    2. Yep, and...
  13. Re: Can not open wireless router web interface

    ...and why do you want "cable output"? It has an ethernet port, which is more then enough.
    Get a cable, and connect one end to the repeater, the other to a computer.
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    [SOLVED] Re: Firefox 34 build2 will not install.

    Most likely, you just need to redownload the deb package. Clean the cache with <sudo apt-get clean>, then try updating.
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    Re: Internet Desktop Shortcut

    You mean a shortcut to The Internet? Isn't that what web browsers are for?
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    Re: Ethernet Connection No Longer Working

    Sorry, I thoghout you were not so new, since you've mentioned all those complicated things you've done.

    I see no networking devices in the output of lspci. Are you sure that's all there is?

  17. [ubuntu] Re: Edimax EW-7811Un driver won't compile

    ...not much we can do, if it's not recognized at all. How about the output of dmesg | tail right after the adapter is plugged in?
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    Re: Ethernet Connection No Longer Working

    The idea is, you post useful info to provide clues to the problem, we try and solve it.
    How about we start with the outputs of:
    rfkill list all
  19. [ubuntu] Re: Edimax EW-7811Un driver won't compile

    First, you need to look at the output of lsusb. Edimax EW-7811Un usually has rtl8192cu inside (which is recognized out of the box), but they may have changed it.
    Don't compile a driver from the CD,...
  20. [ubuntu] Re: Mount root directory with root rights with sshfs to server without root login

    You can you sudo -i to become root in Ubuntu, edit stuff, and tipe exit to become a regular user again.
  21. Re: Applying Ubuntu patches to Nautilus source distribution

    A patch is usually applied with the patch command (see man patch for more info).
  22. Re: [UbuntuGnome 14.10] Slow motion in games?

    Just follow the steps and see what happens. Updating evrything is really not practical.
  23. Re: Why is it still impossible to transfer files from Galaxy Nexus with Ubuntu?

    The fact is, the problem at hand has nothing to do with Canonical or Unity. I wouldn't say your claims are delusional, just incorrect.

    Another thread, more general suff that everyone knows....
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    [ubuntu] Re: updating firefox

    That's very odd, I use 12.04 as well, and have Firefox 33 installed, which is regularly updated from the repositories.
    Are you sure you have Ubuntu installed?
  25. Re: Build bcmwl-kernel-source in Ubuntu 12.04.5: Required header and dkms packages

    There is a howto for that:
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