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  1. [ubuntu] Re: HP Printer Drivers Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS: All-in-one Terminal Command

    HP p 1102w laserjet failed. (Xubuntu 14.04)
    USB connected
    "Test print" sends job without error.
    Printer queue says "Pending"
    Printer State says "Processing - Rendering completed"
    ..but nothing...
  2. [all variants] Re: Preload : how can I reset data after upgrade?

    I finally noticed that preload daemon was not running in the background, so I uninstalled/ reinstalled it. It should work fine now.
    I guess thats one of those reasons why reinstalling is better...
  3. [all variants] Preload : how can I reset data after upgrade?

    Recently I upgraded to Xubuntu 12.04 LTS, that went fairly well, but Preload doesn't seem to be speeding it up anymore. I suspect its still trying to preload old packages.
    How can I reset Preload...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Re volume error message

    It may just be that Windows was shut down incorrectly. I don't know why, but I can't access my Windows partition if I had to power down from a bsod.
    If that doesn't help, then you may need to run...
  5. [xubuntu] Sata driver on IDE hd: trouble burning, moving large files?

    In the past I have used other linux distros and various ubuntu derivatives including Xubuntu 7.04. I could burn fast and move large files fast.

    Xubuntu 8.04 is the first Linux I have had with...
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    [ubuntu] Re: [SOLVED] Hda, sda

    That's possible, but there are actually a lot of people who are having this problem as of 8.04, and my HD isn't very old. It may be coincidence, but if its the sata driver what log file would show...
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    [ubuntu] Re: [SOLVED] Hda, sda

    8.04 is the first linux I've had that had a hard time burning CDs/DVDs. It also has a hard time moving large files.

    Could that be because its using that sata driver?
    What log file would tell me?...
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    [ubuntu] Re: DVD burns crash every time, GNOME

    I have the same issue using Xubuntu. Oddly enough, burning in Gnome turned out great for me...
    Try this thread:
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    [ubuntu] Re: 8.10 X Freezes

    Still the same symptoms as the BIOS problem I had.

    Have you set your BIOS to the right video card (it looks like we all that this problem when using a PCI-E, while most BIOSs' are set up for PCI.)...
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    [ubuntu] Re: 8.10 X Freezes

    This sounds a lot like a bug I had after installing a PCI-E vid card. Enter the BIOS and look for the video settings, my computers bios was set to PCI, all I had to do was set it to PCI-E and I...
  11. [xubuntu] How can I get Xubuntu to burn discs as well as others? (8.04!)

    I really like the lighter Xfce desktop, but Brassaro, K3B and Gnomebaker don't seem to play well with Xfce. The desktop slows to a crawl, burn speed slows to about .6x , and if I try to burn a file...
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    Re: How has Linux helped you save time/money?

    I bought this computer a few years ago to make graphics and animations. I knew the AMD 64 processor would be faster than a 32 bit, but after buying it, I discovered WinXP was only 32 bit! ( this was...
  13. Re: What is your favorite "hacker" or computer movie?

    2001 a space odyssey.
    It had a big computer with conflicting orders, so it went all Frankenstein and killed people. Nice statement about over reliance on tech. Not totally unrealistic either.
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    Re: How to install older games with wine

    I just got BG2 on linux an odd way.
    I had it installed on my Windows partition( complete with add-on modules and no-cd crack), and I just copied the whole Black Isle folder into the wine/Program...
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    Re: Pro RPG - The Broken Hourglass

    Its nice to see interest in TBH. It may interest you guys to know that most of the sprite animations (characters and animated effects) were created with Blender on Linux. (Not area maps though. MaxG...
  16. Re: If you could write anything in a thread what would it be?

    Nazis won WW2.
    We just won't notice until 2013.
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    Re: Linux and Games

    For a while now, I've felt like Linux is trying to match Windows' strength, while ignoring its own strength.
    Any one version of windows can run on any hardware ( by pluging in the needed drivers)...
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    Re: who fancies some free music?

    The more I listen to it, the more I like it.
    Thanks , this is easily better than a lot of stuff on the market.:)
  19. Thread: 2dfighter

    by RumorsOfWar

    Re: 2dfighter

    System requirements lists 3 Windows OSs, so there is a good chance it will run under wine. If you haven't used wine before, its easy. Install Wine from Ubuntu repositories, and read this over. Many...
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    [xubuntu] Amd64 kernel : Alt-install cd

    Nevermind I found my question was moot.

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    Re: Linux and Games

    One game makers said the reason was the ever changing libraries and kernels. Most game companies can't be bothered to recompile for each revision of the OS.
    The pity of it is, games really should...
  22. Re: Post a screen-shot of your favorite programs in Ubuntu!

    Blender is important to me. Both for fun and to earn a bit of extra cash.
    It run great on linux, and 8.04 even has a very up to date version. :)
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    Re: Increase connection speed for OpenVPN

    I don't know, but if you asked on general help, you'd probably find someone who knows. Or I'm sure a moderator could move this there if you'd like.
    Good luck :)
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    Re: EUGENICS! steghide and seek.

    BTW, this is a detective game like an Alternate Reality Game, but smaller and simpler. this one has just 3 steps.
    Stegdetect is a small program in the ubuntu repositories, (steGUI may be available,...
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    EUGENICS! steghide and seek.- a detective game.

    The mission: Save your country's people from corporate slavery.
    Mr. X was bringing the "Rath tribunal" document to a secret congressional hearing when he disappeared at the airport. The Rath...
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