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    Re: KDE 4.4 Beta 1

    karmic backport phonon configuration dialog is disappeared. I've heard that kde sc 4.4 is dependant on the kdesupport version of phonon, not the qt one. Is this the reason? Also nepomuk...
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    Re: Worst release so far for me..

    mmm...all these problems make me suspect about a bad iso? Did you check md5sum? Maybe you could try downloading that again...
  3. Re: Intel GMA 950 sluggish poor performance in Jaunty 9.04

    uxa for me was slower than exa (eeepc 901 i945gme) and way buggy.
    Upgrading to solved a lot of bugs and made uxa quite stable to use but still slow.
    Upgrading kernel to (+intel...
  4. Re: Why does Firefox look like sh*t in Kubuntu?

    I like it too...even more I like qtcurve, because, for the first time in years using linux, using qtcurve and kgtk I get the feeling of a true unified kde desktop even using firefox and aMule. And...
  5. Re: Why does Firefox look like sh*t in Kubuntu?

    mmm...that's strange: I have the exact same rounded scrollbar slider, both in gtk and in qt (including firefox)...could this be a bug?
  6. Re: Why does Firefox look like sh*t in Kubuntu?

    IMHO qtcurve, with some clever costumizations, can be A LOT better than oxygen style itself
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    Re: I Seem to Have Broken KDE...

    there was a known and severe bug (that was also affecting alpha 6 cd and lead, on some systems, with an unusable kde4.2.1 desktop by default). This bug has been fixed in 4.2.2 and today the fix has...
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    Re: kernel 2.6.28-7 vs intel 915 graphics

    same issue on intel gme945
  9. Poll: Re: POLL: Do you want to have CTRL-ALT-BACKSPACE disabled in Jaunty?

    Do like opensuse:
    they keep the shortcut but to make it work you have to press it TWICE...
    I think this is the best solution:
    -we keep the traditional shortcut
    -it's impossibile for joe users to...
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