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    [ubuntu] Re: KDE apps under Gnome in 10.10

    i've noticed that too. its really annoying with black background on labels. is there a workarround?
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    [ubuntu] Re: Acer Aspire One boot from SDHC

    first of all nice thread!

    well my experience with aspire one the one with the laggy 8gb ssd has been really bad. I tested windows on that and it was awefull. the shipped os is not for me either....
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    Re: HOWTO Lirc with Pinnacle PCTV Pro

    well in gutsy i get the same error too when trying to get signal on irw :/

    the sad thing is that in windows winlirc works just fine... shame..
  4. Re: How to: Get the latest wine patched for Warcraft 3 through apt

    i gave it a shot with gutsy 64 bit for one reason.. playing warcraft 3 on

    i got wine rc3 and the same bug with battlnet freezing on initialization occured again :(
  5. Re: [SOLVED] 8.04 - Mythweb database access denied

    apt-get install phpmyadmin

    then on /phpmyadmin of the mythbuntu login as root null password
    in priviledges go and set no password for user mythtv%localhost

    this bug sucks btw... it...
  6. Re: [SOLVED] 8.04 - Mythweb database access denied

    hell this is a nasty bug. why is there an option to secure mythweb when all it does is break stuff??? the alpha 2 version was ok on that. how is that solved???
  7. Re: Howto: Install and use microdc2, the command line dc++ client

    can I join more than one hubs? I though using different config files for each hub but no option is available in microdc2 --help :(
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    no audio after distribution update

    After fresh install of mythbuntu 8.04 Alpha 3 the vnc password setting on the mythbuntu control center is not setting the password correctly.

    after updating a distribution partial update was...
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