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  1. [ubuntu] Re: script to automatically kill telnet sessions

    Thanx Cheesemill

    Bash also apparently doesn't like the AIX read syntax either so the final script is now:


  2. [ubuntu] script to automatically kill telnet sessions

    I use the attached script to automatically remove all my telnet sessions from an AIX machine

    2 issues that I am trying to resolve in UBUNTU

    1) Ubuntu won't run this script because kill needs to...
  3. [lubuntu] Re: Telnet settings needed for VM UBUNTU Session

    ssh ... not concerned with security for this app as this is for internal network use only.

    Tiny term is an VT emulator from Century software ... I use this primarily on AIX systems.
  4. [lubuntu] Telnet settings needed for VM UBUNTU Session

    XP-SP3 running VMPlayer 4.0.4 with a Ubuntu 10.04.4 LTS VM

    Using TinyTerm residing on the "same" machine, I can telnet to this VM with no issues. What I can't seem to determine is how to telnet to...
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    [ubuntu] Re: interfaces config issue

    I did some backtracking yesterday:

    Went back to just auto eth0 then used route -n to determine what this set up for its defaults ... turns out the gateway was ... poking around further...
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    [ubuntu] interfaces config issue

    Can someone please help me resolve a configuration issue with the /etc/network/interfaces file for both an internet connection and a static address.

    UBUNTU 10.04 installed in VMPlayer 3.1 on XP...
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    [ubuntu] Turn off color escape codes?

    Is there some way to tell the KSH Shell to stop sending COLOR ESCAPE codes? UBUNTU 10.4.1

    I am using an older terminal emulator that I am very attached to but it doesn't support the COLOR ESCAPE...
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    Re: HOWTO: NFS Server/Client

    I am struggling with this ... I have an XP Pro SP3 OS running on a Lenovo Laptop ... this has VMplayer 4.0.2 running on it with UBUNTU 10.04.4 ... I have installed the NFS client 3.5 in XP PRO.

  9. [ubuntu] Re: Installation/Configuration Issues Help Please

    Update ... just figured out a solution to issue 1) telnet and xinetd:

    a) this version of UBUNTU appears to require using: service xinetd reload

    b) VMWARE generates 2 NETWORK CONNECTIONS in XP...
  10. [ubuntu] Installation/Configuration Issues Help Please

    Attempting to install a stable version of UBUNTU in VM PLAYER (Ver 4.0.2 build-591240) under XP Pro SP3 on an i7 Lenovo

    I need the ability to telnet from XP into UBUNTU to run a...
  11. [ubuntu] VM Player update 10.10 to 11.04 grub rescue

    I have just updated from ubuntu 10.10 to 11.04 ... all went well until the VM session restarted ... the first issue was the screen came up with a grub prompt ... searching around online the solution...
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    [ubuntu] Internet Connection MIA

    Running Ubuntu 10.04 LTS under VMWARE Player 3.1.3 on an XP Pro 3 machine ... this has been working fine for several months ... now for some reason even though eth0 is connected and I can ping both...
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