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  1. Re: How To: Manual Network Configuration without the need for Network Manager

    Hello I have an Atheros wifi card. Last night I installed madwifi drivers and restarted and it worked excellent. Even when I started my computer today it worked fine. However when I put my laptop in...
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    Re: Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex Works Great For Me:

    I upgraded from from Haron to Ibex earlier today. I've read that upgrading rather than doing a fresh install you're more likely to run into problems but I haven't had one hold up. I've done a few...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Ibex work with ati?

    I have a machine running with a 1600 Pro and has Ibex on it and it's working fine. Since that card and your card are part of the same series I'm sure you won't have any problems.
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    Re: HOWTO: Install DC++ for linux

    Ok so I don't get it. I installed DC++ through the add/remove and set it up and made the download directory. I can connect to other hubs and people but whenever I go to search of a file I never get...
  5. Poll: Re: HOWTO : Create a FTP server with user access (proftpd)

    Ahh thanks. I was trying to type userdelete rather than userdel. I also find the User and Groups menu easier to use than the terminal commands and it never occurred to me use that for some reason....
  6. Poll: Re: HOWTO : Create a FTP server with user access (proftpd)

    When i was setting up my user account I made a typo in the name and didn't realize it. My question is - Is there a way to remove a user account? Is there also a way to change the root directory as...
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