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    [SOLVED] RapidSVN bookmarks not saving

    There's an old thread about this with no answer and I have now found the answer. I'm posting it here so that google etc. can index this so that others can find it.

    The issue is that sometimes...
  2. [SOLVED] Re: Cannot update ffmpeg libavdevice52 libavfilter0

    It worked for me with a few bobbles as various other packages deinstalled themselves automatically and needed to be reinstalled. Specifically xvidcap removed itself and when I readded it, it removed...
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    Reinstall help with Seamonkey

    So I used the older deb ubuntuzilla method to get seamonkey 2.0. I then successfully updated this, though I did have a sudo-caused permissions/ownership problem which I fixed. Seamonkey 2.02 is now...
  4. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu 9.04 i canīt install lpt (parallel) printer

    "Reset the Bios" appears to mean following the instructions here:

    This doesn't work for me...
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    [ubuntu] Re: PPTP VPN in Jaunty and Intrepid

    PPTP is working for me in Jaunty with the network manager applet. You just have to disable EAP and enable MPPE. Beofre I disabled EAP i got a bunch of weird errors though

    However it isn't perfect....
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