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    Re: I-magic OS $79: Is this a joke, or what?

    Some people attach a stigma to all things free and feel something can only be worthwhile if they pay for it.

    iMagicOS is out to part these people with their money.
  2. [ubuntu_mobile] Re: ubuntu create a flash USB boot from WIndows

    I actually installed Jaunty before subsequently downloading the netook interface from the repos.

    I'm not sure if there is a difference if you're not using the MID version but I believe they are...
  3. [ubuntu_mobile] Re: ubuntu create a flash USB boot from WIndows

    Use Unetbootin.

    It's really straightforward.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Acer Aspire One - Sound not working

    Sound works OOTB in Jaunty. Alternately, you could apply kernel 2.29 and ALSA 1.0.19 to your Intrepid install to get sound working.

    But it's simpler to just install Jaunty :)
  5. Re: Vista/7 more secure than Linux and Mac OS X !!!

    Why was the Easter bunny so sad?
  6. [ubuntu] Re: Issues with the Acer Aspire One 10" in Ubuntu

    I have the 5200mAH battery (the 6-cell from the 8.9") that Jaunty seems to report as 4 hours and 45 minutes max. I know I can get more than 6 hours with Wifi on because, well, I've run it for over 6...
  7. Poll: Re: POLL: Do you want to have CTRL-ALT-BACKSPACE disabled in Jaunty?

    There was no uproar back then (here, at least) because it did not affect the majority of users. We were still all on Intrepid and older.

    This feels like change for the sake of change.

    Ah, well,...
  8. Poll: Re: POLL: Do you want to have CTRL-ALT-BACKSPACE disabled in Jaunty?

    Gawd, no wonder I couldn't Ctrl+Alt+Backspace. I was wondering if something was borked.

    Disabling it is plain silly. At most, they should just introduce a confirmation prompt, something along the...
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    Re: Notebook or netbook for university?

    If it's going to be your only computer, going for a netbook is a bad idea.
  10. Re: Linux Netbook returns compared to Windows returns...

    It's pretty reasonable. Mark Shuttleworth spoke on the same issue, but he took heart that at least people have the choice of trying Linux and then returning it if they don't feel it was right for...
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    Poll: Re: Does linux makes you smart?

    Well, if you wanna call being able to read a bunch of instructions posted on websites and following them to make Linux work smart, then, yes, Imma freakin' genius ;)
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    Re: I have found a funny troll blog

    People take the Internet too personally.

    Linux users, especially, are too easily riled up by what they perceive to be an attack on their OS.

    It's not a religion, it's not even a way of life.
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    Re: Wubi: Ubuntu + Fedora

    Don't think that Fedora has a Windows-based installer.

    You can run the Live CD and/or install, but not a WUBI-like installation.
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    Re: Well...I got a tattoo today...


    I can only hope that you drew that on with a spare Kilometrico.
  15. Re: Which OS do you spend more time fixing? Windows or Ubuntu?

    Fixing? Neither, since I keep all my machines in good nick, don't download junk from the Internet, and run them like every cracker in the world was trying to screw me.

    But that involves a lot of...
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    Re: OMG...Compiz Fusion

    Compiz effects get broken out when the explanation that Linux is a (free) alternative operating system to Windows and isn't just for "hacker geeks" fails to make it through to the other person's...
  17. Re: Does Linux Have a Good Task Manager Program


    People need to read more than just the thread title before hitting "Reply"
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    Re: How many points do you get in the Geektest?

    12% - Geekish tendencies.

    Gawd that screen hurts my eyes.
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    Re: Back to 32 bit

    I never quite saw the point of off-line Gmail as I use an email client but if you do use, I can see how you would be pissed off at Gears being 32bit only.

    Wine works on my SUSE_64 as does Picasa. ...
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    Re: Back to 32 bit

    I run 64bit openSUSE with no issues alongside 32bit Intrepid. Flash works, Java works, the only issue, if it even is an issue, is the necessity to house 32bit libraries in order to run 32bit...
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    Re: The joy of learning Linux

    Too true.

    @OP, five hours? I woulda tried a different distro if it bogs down for so long.
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    Re: Why do you use more than one distro?

    I admit that I probably spend more time playing around with GNU/Linux than I rightly ought to, but I can't help it... it's just so interesting.

    Why, God, why did you have to make me a nerd??!?!!
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    Re: Why do you use more than one distro?

    I run two distributions in case an update breaks an installation while I need my computer for work. Therefore, I would just leave the repairs aside until I have time to go about fixing it.

    Plus, I...
  24. Re: Desktop Ubuntu - Problem after Problem after Problem

    And how many of these hundreds of thousands of problem posts come in the form of:

    All of which and much, so very much more are covered in wikis, how-tos, thousands of previous posts.
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    Re: Ubuntu for sale

    Unless they change their business model it is unlikely they would be able to maintain a user base if they charged for Ubuntu, not with so many so many (and I mean many) free derivatives and...
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