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  1. [all variants] Volunteer sought for package maintainer of AES Crypt encryption software


    they are seeking volunteers to be Fedora and Ubuntu package maintainers for the cross-platform...
  2. Light Radio, free easy-to-use Internet-radio-playing software

    [All the below software will work with WINE. However, you may need an alternative version of Light Radio if it doesn't record properly: (80Kb) ]

  3. does cross platform ccrypt work in Windows vista or 7?

    I'm using it in Linux and will need to send encrypted files to Windows users, so I wondered if ccrypt-1.9 works in Windows vista and 7. Can people let me know? Also, what are encrypted files called?...
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    [ubuntu] Audacity in Freespire

    I'm trying to install Audacity in Freespire 2(ubuntu 7.04). It says I need "libflac++5" but when I install libflac++5.deb it says it conflicts with libflac++5c2.
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    free submarine/space/flight simulator

    submarine simulator from ,63Mb.

    [Linux: works for 32 & 64 bit. To install I think you have to type:
    sh dangerdeep-0.3.0-linux-installer.bin ]
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