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    Re: UX31A dont recognize internal HDD

    Well, I solved it.
    Thanks god I've got two zenbooks. So, I created a new first FAT32 partition with boot flag enabled. Then I copied the content of the first partition on the second notebook ... and...
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    UX31A dont recognize internal HDD

    Hi! I've got a strange problem. My notebook doesnt show the internal HDD in the boot options, but internal disk appears in SATA configuration.
    I think it is due I erased all extra partitions...
  3. [SOLVED] Re: 10.10 - cheap parallel port card linux driver not working

    Hi! your advice worked with my pci card, but now I've got problems trying to detect a Canon scanner connected to it.
    I was doing some "research" on Google and executing a lot of commands with no...
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    Re: using pspi in gimp - dependancies not met...

    It works on my Ubuntu 10.10 x64! thank you very much!!!

  5. [ubuntu] Re: mounting a shared NAS (cifs) drive (and using latex)

    It works! thank you very much!!!!
  6. [ubuntu] Re: mounting a shared NAS (cifs) drive (and using latex)

    I have the same problem here, no solution yet :(
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