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  1. pavucontrol's output control fixed to subwoofer volume instead of master with 5.1

    Howdy. I'm not quite sure how to go about fixing this problem. I have a 5.1 audio card, and everything is working fine, except for the output volume control for pavucontrol / sound settings. For...
  2. Re: bash completion restrict filetypes for specific commands

    Thanks for the link. I think I've found the solution inside /usr/share/bash-completion/bash_completion

    there is a _install_xspec function which is a custom function based upon complete, and below...
  3. bash completion restrict filetypes for specific commands


    I'm trying to figure out how tell bash to only autocomplete certain filetypes for specific commands. I've been finding some articles and answers related to this, but I don't think I've...
  4. [ubuntu] 13.10 bottom half of menu bar does not respond to mouse clicks

    Something that I've noticed since installing 13.10 is that I can only open menus from the menu bar by clicking on the top of the menu bar. Clicking in the lower half of the menu bar does not respond...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Cannot authenticate with wifi

    here is iwconfig

    usb0 no wireless extensions.

    eth0 no wireless extensions.

    lo no wireless extensions.
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    [ubuntu] Cannot authenticate with wifi


    I'm currently traveling and am at a friend's apartment. I'm running ubuntu 13.10 on my laptop and it will not authenticate with the wifi network. My phone works fine, and other folk's...
  7. [ubuntu] 13.10 screen won't turn off after inactive for X amount of time.


    Since upgrading to 13.10 I'm having an issue with the display no longer turning off after inactive for x amount of time. I can set the time in the Brightness and Lock settings to...
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