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    Sticky: Re: Desktop Hardware Incompatibility List.

    1)Type Of Hardware: Dell XPS M1210
    2)Hardware Maker: Ricoh
    3)Hardware Model: XPS M1210
    4)Known Issues:

    Car reader 5 in 1 can read SD cards only after installing drivers.
  2. [ubuntu] Re: Getting worse battery life in Ubuntu compared to vista?

    I disabled he unused devices, like phone modem, the express card slot, etc.

    Some devices are energized and they are not necessary all the time.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Is Dell a good choice?

    I have a XPS M1210, and I think is the best laptop I have had.

    I used to have an Inspiron 6000 and one Inspiron 1420.

    I compared prices every time and I think DELL is the cheapest laptop, you...
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