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  1. [ubuntu] Re: FFmpeg stoped working after reinstall

    Thanks for all the help FakeOutdoorsman. The old packages got ffmpeg working again.
  2. [ubuntu] Re: FFmpeg stoped working after reinstall

    Thanks FakeOutdoorsman. It appears that I should have put off my spring cleaning. Just like i have done with my house. Lol.

    I think I will try to install the older versions from medibuntu with...
  3. [ubuntu] FFmpeg stoped working after reinstall

    It's been along time since I had to put my tail between my legs anf come to the forum to ask a question. However, I have a problem that has me stumped and can't seem to find an answer for.

  4. Re: Ever re-discovered a movie or TV series you loved as a kid?

    I remember watching.
    The A Team
    The Dukes of Hazzard

    My 8 year old son has recently discovered reruns of The Dukes of Hazzard.
    He is as in to it now as I was way back then when I was...
  5. Re: so now Microsoft manufactures hardware?

    You're right of course. I should have said monitors and laptops.
  6. so now Microsoft manufactures hardware?

    No. Not really. I know they don't build computers but I've been watching the tv show "The Glades" and on the back of every computer that is shown is the Windows logo.

    It's common for hardware...
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    The I hate touch screens thread

    Ok so hate might be a little strong but I do strongly dislike touch screens. Cell phones in particular. My office is a 4x4 pickup truck and my hands are usually dirty which meant that my phone screen...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Can't mount blackberry - Please Help

    Had the same trouble with my 8530.
    What fixed it for me is this:
    Under the options menu on the blackberry select memory
    Turn off media transfer protocol
    Turn on auto mass storage connect
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    [ubuntu] Re: Forgot Username. How To Log In?

    if you know the password, at the login screen enter "root" for the user name.
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    [ubuntu] Re: HP Printer Not recognized

    Did you get your printer to work? I have the same printer and had the same exact problem and error messages.

    My problem showed up after switching to Ubuntu 10.04 from openSUSE 11.2. I kept the...
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    Re: Yes, it was the Chicken.

    Eggs are for breakfast. Chicken is for supper. Therefore the egg commes first at my house.
  12. Poll: Re: Am I the only person who doesn't use a smartphone?

    Last year i helped my 85 year old grandpa get hooked up with jitterbug. Best phone in the world for him. Does nothing at all but calls. Big phone big screen big buttons. It reminds me of the first...
  13. Poll: Re: Am I the only person who doesn't use a smartphone?

    suddenly I don't feel so alone:lolflag:
  14. Poll: Am I the only person who doesn't use a smartphone?

    Probably not but sometimes it feels like it.

    If you are like me and use a "dumb"phone what are your reasons for not getting a smartphone. After all they are more like a small computer than a...
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    Re: Best KDE implementation?


    KDE's performance on openSUSE is as good as GNOME's on Ubuntu
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    Re: Best video game ever made

    I'm not much of a gammer and didn't read the whole thread but here's my two cents anyway...
    the original Super Mario Bros.
    Star Trek : Bridge Commander. Something about sitting in the command chair...
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    Re: Question on Printer/fax/copier

    i have one too. l'm very happy with it. I had to get the latest hplip version from hp as the older one in the repos didn't have support.
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    Re: Strange.Funny error messages

    Yes. The classics never go out of style. :)
  19. [ubuntu] Re: When I send a document to print, is doesn't work

    I'm afraid I'm not much help when it comes to troubleshooting drivers etc.

    I saw that you had the same symptoms that I reciently experienced and thought I would share the solution that fixed my...
  20. [ubuntu] Re: When I send a document to print, is doesn't work

    I just ran into a similar problem with a HP printer while setting up Linux for a friend.

    It behaved the exact same way. Everything on the computer showed that it was printing except nothing...
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    Re: anyone here used openSUSE?

    I have been using it since last fall when Karmic failed me on my hardware.
    My personal opinions:
    Yast is an awsome tool.
    KDE implementation is miles ahead of kubuntu
    Their forums are just as...
  22. Re: Dont see difference between KDE 4.4 and 4.3

    +1 on both points.

    4.3 is working so well on my 11.2 install that I hate to "fix" it when it isn't broke.

    However, I am looking forward to 4.4 when 11.3 comes out.:)
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    Re: Stupid laws in your area.

    This seems like a perfectly reasonable law to me.
  24. Re: Help: How to deal with a program that has become self aware?

  25. Re: Help: How to deal with a program that has become self aware?

    So your computer has become self aware. My condolences to Captain Dunsel. (obscure reference, Anyone else know where it came from?)
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