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  1. [ubuntu] Re: MacBook Pro Trackpad not obeying commands in 50-synaptics.conf

    I just have had the same issues while trying to configure natural scrolling. The way I solved this, is to create a bash script which sets the parameters with the help of synclient. This script is...
  2. [ubuntu] Additional info for Wiki: MacBook Pro 9,2 and SSDs


    according to the Wiki at I'd like to share my experience with the MacBook Pro 9,2 (13") and Ubuntu 13.04 running on an SSD (or better...
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    [ubuntu] Remap the 'eject'-key to 'delete forward'

    Hi all,

    is there a way to remap the useless 'eject'-keyto the 'delete forward'-function on my macbook pro keyboard?
    I already searched for a way to do this, but as I figured out, xev is not...
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