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    [ubuntu] Re: Mouse pointer as ruler (or kind of)

    Thanks. I'm going to check it out asap.
    >> What is the Use Case
    Gnuplot. When displaying multiplots, it issues static graphs, not interactive. Therefore, there is no way to see how data...
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    [ubuntu] Mouse pointer as ruler (or kind of)

    The mouse pointer is based on instantaneous coordinates of its position on the screen, say (X,Y).

    On my desktop it displays as an arrow.

    I need it to be displayed as the the intersection of the...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Gnuplot install/removal

    Guys, thanks so much!
    Actually /var/lib/dpkg/info was empty.
    I am lucky enough to have the laptop configured nearly identically. I got the content of the info dir from the laptop and copied into...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Gnuplot install/removal

    Thank You, but it did not work.
    I used 'sudo -i' on every command except the last two, as per your code (by the way, the last dpkg requires sudo also). Here is the overall output.

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    [SOLVED] Gnuplot install/removal

    While trying to clean-up the mess of multiple & unfunctional gnuplot installation (including manual removal of system dirs) something went really wrong to the point that now in the *whole* system I...
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    [ubuntu] Upgrage firefox in Ubuntu 10.04

    Although I'll have to upgrade Ubuntu to the newest LTS, I need to stick to the 10.04 for a few more months.

    Meanwhile, I need to update firefox (currently v20.0) to the v28.0 and that's not...
  7. [ubuntu] Computer powers itself up after shut down

    The problem is as described in the post title.

    Board: ASrock H87M pro4, with the latest BIOS; Ubuntu is 12.04.

    1) I do shut the computer down from the menu OR with the command line "poweroff"...
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    Re: Javascripts not working (or Java?)

    >> JavaScript is not part of the Java framework

    I see what you mean. That's not my bread & butter at all.

    Anyhow, those 3 lines did not help. Ended up with: "firefox is already the newest...
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    Javascripts not working (or Java?)

    All of a sudden, I've discovered that Java and/or Javascripts on my system *may* not work (I'm with Ubuntu 10.04).

    When I try to check what Java version I have through
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    [ubuntu] Cannot shut down

    This PC is based upon the LTS 12.04 64b.

    Incredibly, since the update* to Kernel 3.5.0-45, I cannot shut it down!

    When I invoke shut-down from the menu, the PC attempts to switch off, the...
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    [ubuntu] DISPLAY for ssh -X

    In my local network I have three computers.

    Say that my external IP address is 12.345.678.90

    In order to connect ssh from remote to any of them, I've set a different ssh port on each. Something...
  12. [ubuntu] kernel/bounds.c: No such file or directory

    I'm trying to make the card-reader of my laptop working.

    I'm with Ubuntu 10.04, 64b. The output of the attempt is:

    >> sudo make
    gcc: kernel/bounds.c: No such file or directory
    gcc: no...
  13. Re: SSH to different computers under the same router

    Thanks Steeldriver. But I see that the option -P 2222 does not work for me, while -oPort=2222 works. So, I am all set.

    On a side topic: now I can do ssh and sftp from outside the network to each...
  14. Re: SSH to different computers under the same router

    Sorry, this was easy. I posted before googling. Pls disregard. RESOLVED: -oPort=nnn

    Now I can ssh from outside the network to a specific computer behind the router/gateway using the specific...
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    How to use NAT for accessing via SSH?

    I had great support from this forum for my previous help request. I'm back for the next steps.

    Objective: I need to ssh/sftp my computers from remote in a manner more secure than what I'm doing...
  16. Re: SSH to different computers under the same router


    >> or does the router only allow forwarding the same port number (i.e. 12.345.678.90:122 --> if the latter, then you may need to change the actual port that...
  17. Re: SSH to different computers under the same router

    >> You will need to test the connection from outside your local LAN. You can use to see if the port is open

    Done. Output:
    Error: I could not see your service on 12.345.678.90 on...
  18. Re: SSH to different computers under the same router

    Ok, Thanks. I must go step by step. Will try the easier way first, then will take care of security.

    In the router config screen I enable port 122 for the second machine, DT1. Among other things,...
  19. SSH to different computers under the same router

    At home I always had a single PC with Ubuntu, connected to a router via eth0.

    I can easily login to that PC from remote with ssh.
    I simply use the command (it's a fake address here):

    > ssh...
  20. Re: "undefined reference" with g++ compiler in 12.04

    Steeldriver: Thanks a lot.
    I made it working following your directions.
    That's a novelty in 12.04 as in the 10.04 version the gcc didn't care about the position of the arguments in the command line.
  21. "undefined reference" with g++ compiler in 12.04

    I'm setting up a new desktop with Ubuntu 12.04, 64b and I'm encountering serious linker problems with g++.

    My C++ applications I'm normally compiling in Ubuntu 10.04 64b are NOT compiling...
  22. [ubuntu] Re: A problem occurred when checking for the updates


    It happened that yesterday I did (intentionally & for specific purposes) link /usr/bin/python to /usr/bin/python3.1 while it must remain linked to /usr/bin/python2.6

    The issue was...
  23. [ubuntu] A problem occurred when checking for the updates

    [I am still with 10.04 64b and I must stick to it until mid next year]

    Today, ALL OF A SUDDEN, a red/warning sign appeared on the panel.

    It indicates that "A problem occurred when checking for...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Kernel Update

    Thanks to you both.

    Since the various updated kernel version 2.6.32-xx with xx > 39 are listed in the Synaptic Manager, I've hard time to understand why the Update Manager does not list them for...
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    [ubuntu] Kernel Update

    I'm wondering why the Update Manager on my laptop does not list Kernel updates since a long time, It just lists updates for all other SW.

    Last time it offered Kernel update was in February for the...
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