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    [PPC] Re: ADB Mouse Synaptics Patch

    I don't know how helpful this will be.
    The adbsyn code was provided as a kernel specific patch (.diff) file.

    I got this to work with Ubuntu 7.04 kernel 2.6.20 back in 2007, and haven't tried it...
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    [ubuntu] Re: ibook g4 ubuntu?

    Disclaimer: I have not made a serious effort in working with GNU/Linux on PowerPC for about a year. Maybe some things are better than my last experience.

    1) The Apple iBook uses a PowerPC...
  3. [ubuntu] Re: If that doesn't work, wipe everything and try to do a clean install.

    Make sure your OSX backup REALLY works.
    Back up what you need from your Ubuntu install, too.
    Clonezilla? or save your home directory and installed packages list.

    To save list: # dpkg...
  4. [ubuntu] Re: Upgrade from Leopard to Snow Leopard - Try this first?

    I only have suggestions of things to try:

    If you can still boot into the rEFIt startup screen:

    At the rEFIt prompt, start the partitioning tool, and if the tables are not synchronized, sync the...
  5. [all variants] Re: iMac with broken screen, Ubuntu LiveCD, and external monitor

    Sorry, beyond my expertise. The following comments are just guesses and speculation:

    Apple displays really are that expensive, and generally not worth replacing out of warranty.

    A frozen screen...
  6. [all variants] Re: iMac with broken screen, Ubuntu LiveCD, and external monitor

    If you want to just get the data off the disk, connect the broken Mac to another Mac (or a PC running GNU/Linux with HFS support) using a firewire cable. Boot the broken Mac while holding down the...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Mac can only boot broken GRUB

    It's possible that when you installed Ubuntu, a small mistake wound up damaging the partition tables or formatting or installing over the OS X partition. Also the OS X Disk Utility, depending upon...
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    [SOLVED] Re: You can DIY

    If you live in the US, the Mac Snow Leopart (OS 10.6) retails for $29, probably a lot less than your shop visit will cost. Repartitioning and installation of OS X is pretty straightforward.
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    [SOLVED] Re: Mac can only boot broken GRUB

    1) Can you identify the exact model of iMac using this site: ?

    2) Are you still able to boot into OS X using the option key method? Did you try using system preferences...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Try this to get your iMac to boot into OS X

    Try booting while holding the 'option' key. Open firmware should scan your drive for bootable partitions. It will probably find two choices, one with an small penguin icon in the lower right, and...
  11. [PPC] Re: Dam if its killing mac os 9 drivers i will not be able to install mac os 9

    The linked thread:

    gave 2 ways to maintain OS9 boot capability with later installs:

    1) Use an older version of the partitioning tool to...
  12. [PPC] Re: Teaching an old dog a new trick (iMac Bondi Triple Boot: Mac Os X, Mac Os 9, Ubun

    I think you might be able to get past the 8 GB limit if you partition so that the boot partition (and maybe all of OS9) are within the first 8 GB of the disk.

    I have dual booted OS9 and Ubuntu...
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    [ubuntu] Mac OS X EULA

    As far as I can tell, the English version of the OS X EULA only says it has to be installed on an Apple branded computer: *

    I don't see anything mentioning...
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    [SOLVED] Some experience on running Q

    Although the Q Guest PC editing tool gives several choices, I've only had success running Q as an x86 processor emulator. Since it's a software emulator, it runs very slowly compared with native the...
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    [ubuntu] Try downloading and installing using the 32-bit PowerPC mini.iso

    MinimalCD Installer images are available here:
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    [ubuntu] Minimal Network Install CD Downloads - Including PPC

    You could try this link for a mini.iso:

    I can verify that the 32-bit PowerPC Ubuntu 9.04 minimal CD at least boots on a 400 MHz iMac G3....
  17. [ubuntu] Re: Google Earth detected an error while trying to authenticate.

    Are you running the amd 64 bit version of Ubuntu?

    I had a similar error after building googleearth on debian amd64.
    (I used the debian googleearth-package to build the .deb, using instructions...
  18. [ubuntu] Re: need to reverse function of "fn" key on MacBook 5,1 keyboard

    Reading the RickyCampbell post:

    Can someone point me to documentation on the new hardware abstraction layer [hal] method of implementing special key functions?

    Does this hal functionality...
  19. [ubuntu] Re: need to reverse function of "fn" key on MacBook 5,1 keyboard

    If you're running a recent (8.04 or 8.10) version on Ubuntu on a mac, pommed is most likely installed to provide the special function key behavior for brightness, volume, and disk eject. (Earlier...
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    [all variants] Re: Echo a message on all terminals?

    Old Unix, not apple specific, but have you looked at the manual page for the wall command?


    echo "This is a test." | wall
  21. [ubuntu] Re: imac g3 (400mhz slot loading 512 ram) and usb wifi adapters

    I've not tried this device personally, but the ZyXEL ZyAir G-220 v2 mentioned at:

    has been verified by Murray Cumming to work "out of the box" on Ubuntu Gutsy,...
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    [ubuntu] Re: New video card for G4 Quicksilver

    At present, that may be good advice for an Intel processor box, but the Quicksilver Mac is PPC.

    AFAIK, Nvidia does NOT provide binary drivers for Linux PPC.

    For the moment, I would think you...
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    Re: HOWTO: installation of E17 from CVS

    I can confirm the evolve library compile error seen by MikeNet.
    Attempting to compile on iMac DV400 (G3 ppc).
    Tried on 2007 Sep 1 & Sep 2.
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