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  1. [lubuntu] separate panels or taskbars for mimized and for not-minimized windows

    I am using Lubuntu (with OpenBox of course) and I am looking into how to have two taskbars (or panels), one with minimized windows only and second with non-minimized windows only. xfce-panel can show...
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    [other] Re: openbox keyboard shortcuts dont work

    openbox --reconfigure as normal user. if shortcuts start to work, it is Ubuntu "stealing" your shortcuts.
  3. [all variants] Re: How to map/mount a FTPES (FTP oever explicit TSL/SSL) ??

    ...or if you can live with the fact that server certificate will not be vetrified you can use:

    curlftpfs -o ssl -o ssl_control -o no_verify_hostname -o no_verify_peer -d...
  4. Re: HOWTO: Btrfs Full Disk Encryption Sans LVM on 11.04

    Thanks for detailed guide!

    One question - is it possible to use hibernation (considering swap uses random password) ?
  5. [ubuntu] lock accounts after few login attempts (PAM,faillog)


    I am using ubuntu 10.10. I would like to configure ubuntu authentication so that after few unsuccessful attempts the account gets disabled. By authentication I mean GDM login, console login,...
  6. [lubuntu] time-tracking tool for LXDE / LXpanel / Lubuntu ?

    I am looking for simple time-tracking tool to be used in Lubuntu (or LXDE without gnome-panel in general) as a applet or application minimized in tray. What I found so far:

    hamster-applet - I...
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    [all variants] dm-crypt/LUKS + btrfs - how to install?

    Hi! I am quite new to ubuntu and need to do non-typical installation, so I would like to ask for comments to avoid wrong attempts. I am not afraid of command line (my present distro is ArchLinux),...
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