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    Ubuntu 3D Tutorial Videos with Music

    I don't know if this is the right place, but I assume this can help and at the same time entertain a lot of people.

    I made this series of video tutorials for the TecnoGaming tutorial, even when...
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    [wubi] Re: Please help testing Wubi 10.04

    It is not Gparted fault, in fact, Gparted is identifying SDA correctly on my machine, it is actually the Ubuntu Installer itself who doesn't detect sda altogheter (at least on my machine).

    I don't...
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    [wubi] Re: Please help testing Wubi 10.04

    Same here and I wanted to do a review of Ubuntu so it can be ready to publish at the same time of it's launch but, cannot install it.

    No root partition and I can procede any further, help will be...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Problem with 5.1 surround - subwoofer

    I think this is related to channel mapping.

    Other users are experiencing the same problem, it seems that the only correct channel mapping is 7.1 if your soundcard supports it.

    There seems to...
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    [ubuntu] Re: surround sound not working in 9.10 ALC883

    No need to go into edit files.

    Just change the sound setup in Sound Preferences to the "max" Channels your soundcard support and Just use the channels you have.

    For example, my X-Fi Titanium...
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    [ubuntu] Re: No Center Channel in 5.1 sound Karmic Koala

    Pretty easy.

    open a console and type "alsamixer"

    move with the cursor to the "center/lfe" channel and press "M" to "unmute"

    then use the cursor to up the volume.

    Try to put the maximun...
  7. [kubuntu] [HowTo] Pulse Audio + X-Fi + K.Koala = Multichannel

    I decided to post a mini-guide to this because, simply stated, X-Fi works but not in Multichannel due to problems with PulseAudio and the way the X-Fi driver is made.

    X-Fi contrary to the rest...
  8. [kubuntu] [HowTo] Pulse Audio + X-Fi + K.Koala = Multichannel

    Please delete this post.

    Double posting due to my connection.
  9. Re: X-Fi with newest Kernels finally Working! (Karmic Koala)

    Wow, PulseAudio is NOT working correctly with phonon in KDE4.3, I just found a way, will post a guide shortly.
  10. X-Fi with newest Kernels finally Working! (Karmic Koala)

    I already posted this, but I wanted to make sure everyone reads it.

    The newest kernel in Karmic Koala daily build (as of July 12 - 2009) includes supports in ALSA for X-Fi that's right!

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    [ubuntu] Re: How-To: Creative X-Fi


    As of right now, in Ubuntu Karmic Koala daily build (12 July 2009) X-Fi Titanium and X-Fi PCI are working PERFECT out of the box with the new kernel included in Karmic.

  12. [ubuntu] Re: dmraid prevents boot - busybox after trying to access fakeraid

    Success !

    Thank you very much !!

    I could never found on my own, not until I put dmraid -n

    That NVIDIA RAID was pretty evident once I put dmmraid -n, deleting metadata totally fixed it!
  13. [ubuntu] Re: dmraid prevents boot - busybox after trying to access fakeraid

    Are you sure?

    What you say is pretty interesting, except for the fact that the disk was actually taken out of the PC, their partitions had being removed and the disk blanked and then I re-utilized...
  14. [ubuntu] Re: dmraid prevents boot - busybox after trying to access fakeraid

    I just filled a bug in Launchpad with what you guys are experiencing.

    I could easily reproduce the bug just installing Ubuntu over a single HDD (in a Matrix RAID enviroment) and then installing...
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    emesene - NO SE PIERDAN ESTO!!

    Me imagino que mas de uno se habra quejado sobre el corto sentido de estetica y las cosas que siguen fallando en el famoso "gaim" que ahora se convirtio en "pidgin" o del asqueroso, lento y mal...
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