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  1. [all variants] Acer Aspire One 150L wireless connect-disconnect loop

    I'm new to Linux. I just decided to install the latest Ubuntu Remix on my Netbook (Acer Aspire One 150L). I don't have any experience setting up wireless networks.

    My problem is that my wireless...
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    Re: Quake 2 (Native) Errors

    try killing compiz before playing?
  3. Re: HOW TO: The Ultimate XBOX 360 Multimedia Sharing Guide


    I'm new to Linux. I've followed guides for uShare and Twonky. I can both detect them on my Xbox 360, but when I try to connect my 360 to either of them it just times out.

    I can also access...
  4. Re: True Combat:Elite menus are too wide.

    if i recall correctly that's a problem with the way ET handles its profile (you need to run ET at least once before TC:E). try, it's a pretty common problem and shouldn't be a show...
  5. Re: Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Widescreen

    try entering those commands in the console and follow it by /vid_restart
  6. Re: Need some help with media sharing to Xbox 360 with uShare

    For some reason the 360 only finds my machine when I start uShare to the uShare daemon while it's already searching for PCs. I also opened up all the tcp/udp ports that the 360 required, that doesn't...
  7. Need some help with media sharing to Xbox 360 with uShare


    I'm new to Linux, I'm running ubuntu/Intrepid. I've set up an uShare to share media to my Xbox 360. I've been trying to get this to work for days, but I haven't been able to get any media...
  8. [kubuntu] Problem running Enemy territory on fullscreen lower than native


    I'm running Kubuntu with a GNOME desktop on an Acer Aspire One netbook computer, which runs natively at a screen resolution of 1024*600. I've installed Enemy Territory, which all works. I'm...
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    DOSBox key mapping on Ibex

    Hi Ubuntu Forums!

    I've upgraded my Hardy to Intrepid over the past weeks. I'm running it on the Acer Aspire One A110L. Running DOSBox used to work perfectly without any problems.

    The problem...
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    [ubuntu] No Audio in ArmyOps?

    Hi all!

    I've recently installed Ubuntu, the main configuring has been relatively painless.

    I decided to try running a game on my Ubuntu 8.04 installation so I installed ArmyOps 2.50, after some...
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