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    [ubuntu] System Improperly Shutting Down?

    I recently set up my desktop to dual boot Windows and Ubuntu with an an SSD. It works great but one area I'm concerned with is how fast its shutting down.

    It shuts down really fast, a little too...
  2. [ubuntu] Updated AMD drivers - Cannot Change Laptop Screen Brightness

    I'm actually running Linux Mint 14, but no one over there has been of any help.

    So I updated my laptop's display drivers to AMD 13.1 Catalyst drivers and now I can't change my laptop screen...
  3. [all variants] Unable to change Laptop LCD Backlight Brightness

    I just got Ubuntu on my laptop as my first Linux OS. I got everything set up as I like it, but now theres a problem where I can't set/change the LCD backlight brightness on my laptop.

    My computer...
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