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  1. [gnome] Re: Nautilus Freezes when folder contains *.svg files

    Thanks for the links. There was a lot of information that confirmed my experiences. it seems this is an issue specific to Inkscape files with embedded bit maps. I have not had this problem with...
  2. [gnome] Nautilus Freezes when folder contains *.svg files

    I have recently encountered a problem where Nautilus freezes when I open a folder containing *.svg files created with Inkscape Version 0.47. This happens whether I start Nautilus with the "Places"...
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    [other] Trouble Resetting Password

    One of my greatest concerns about cloud computing has been loss of access to my data- and Ubuntu One has figured out how to convince me that my fears are well founded.
    Essentially, I have for some...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Lost admin priviledges

    OK, no replies or suggestions from anyone, so I had to solve this one myself. Reinstalled Ubuntu 10.04 as dual boot, without erasing the faulty installation. Everything works, and I still have...
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    [SOLVED] Lost admin priviledges

    I have encountered a new problem with administrative rights- essentially I have lost my sudo priviledges, and can't seem to get them back. This appears to have occurred following a recent upgrade of...
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    Review of Open Source CAD Software

    I have recently published on line a review of Open Source resources for CNC machine control. You can download the document here:...
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    Sticky: Re: Scientific Software options for Ubuntu

    I recently did a summary of various packages available for circuit simulation- you can find it here. You may be interested in the Xcos package included with Scilab, or the original Scicos package.
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    Sticky: Re: Scientific Software options for Ubuntu

    The CAELinux 2010 distro is built on Ubuntu 10.04, and includes a lot of the packages here (Scilab, Octave, R, Maxima- however, primarily focusing on FEA, including fluid dynamics, stress analysis,...
  9. Re: What programming features do scientists need?

    Already exists- I have been using such technology since the late 1980's. It is called "3D Printing" or "Rapid Prototyping", and you can build your own from kits or from scratch for something like...
  10. Computer Aided Engineering Software (CAELinux)

    CAELinux is an Open Source distro built on Ubuntu 10.04 64-bit that focuses on numerical analysis (simulation, FEA, CFD, etc.), with a plethora of applications of interest to the scientist or...
  11. Re: What programming features do scientists need?

    A traditional problem I have faced, and for which I have never found a really adequate solution, involves data acquisition- especially, getting down into the real capabilities of the machine to grab...
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    Re: Fluid dynamics

    There may be some packages a bit easier to use than the OpenFOAM package for fluid dydnamics. The CAELinux package, built on Ubuntu 10.04 (and totally free) includes Code_Saturne, Elmer, Gerris, and...
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    Re: DraftSight (2d CAD free)

    I had trouble installing DraftSight on my 64-bit machine, and these are the instructions I received from Dassault technical services:

    DraftSight Linux Beta 32 bit is not supported yet on Linux 64...
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    Re: Geoserver or another mapserver?

    I have just started playing around with GIS, but have found several applications that may be of interest to you. The one I find most useful for my uses is GeomapApp. Others of interest might...
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    Sticky: Re: Agrupando los foros centroamericanos

    I am not sure this is such a good idea. While it would be beneficial to improve communication between groups throughout the region, it could possibly impede other aspects, such as attempting to find...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Users and Groups Authentication Fails

    Is my user in the admin group? Yes. I have added users and changed groups in the past with no problem. The problem arose when I was trying to upgrade VirtualBox.

    Can I use policykit? Here is...
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    [ubuntu] Users and Groups Authentication Fails

    I recently tried installing a new version of VirtualBox PUEL version, after uninstalling an earlier version. But the major issue I have now is that I can no longer modify my User Settings. Clicking...
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    [ubuntu] Non-standard mount points

    Working with both 9.04 and 9.10, I have encountered a couple of instances where it appears Ubuntu is using non-standard mount points for various parts of the file system. Specifically, Ubuntu seems...
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    Poll: Re: Fully functioning linux laptop?

    A Toshiba Satellite 505, Intel dual core 64-bit,Intel 4 Series Chip Set, 3 Meg memory, 380 gig hard drive. Running 9.04 (32 bit) and 9.10 (64-bit). Everything worked from first boot. I have one...
  20. Re: What is your killer Windows app/ app you simply can't be without in Linux?

    1. A decent 2D CAD program. QCAD is pretty basic, and works for quick tasks, but it isn't AutoCAD (or even DoubleCAD)
    2. I don't do much 3D CAD, but there are a couple of Open Source solutions...
  21. Re: What is your killer Windows app/ app you simply can't be without in Linux?

    Have a look at GnuCash for accounting applications...Actually, I started using GnuCash for my business under an old Windows install...Works better in Linux
  22. Re: What is your killer Windows app/ app you simply can't be without in Linux?

    [QUOTE=Garudi;6573684]I really wish Mathcad would work in linux, either through wine, or with a clone.

    For MathCad, try Scilab (my favorite) or Octave (recommended by others, I don't have much...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Toshiba L505D ACPI issue with 9.1/9.04

    Interesting thread- I just purchased a Toshiba Satellite L505-SP6984R which is Intel based, and have had no trouble loading either Ubuntu 9.04 (32-bit) and Ubuntu 9.10 (64-bit)- everything worked out...
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    Re: Recent Experiences with Dual Boot

    Actually, there are a number of CAD apps available for Linux. My problem is that none of those I have looked at are adequate for my purposes. I don't need AutoCAD or SolidWorks or anything of that...
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    Recent Experiences with Dual Boot

    Having had to reconfigure one of my computers recently due to a virus infection in a Windows partition, I have a few observations on the differences between Linux and Windows. I have been using...
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