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  1. Re: Ubuntu (or an operating system in general) with AI? Would this work?

    The main issue with most implementations of Artificial Intelligence is that they're bound to be application-specific (desktop search, voice recognition, spellings/suggestions, etc.). The most direct...
  2. Re: Adobe, Autodesk, and Games (a review)

    TeoBigusGeekus, I've always been a bit pessimistic myself that the need would be so great that anyone would muster the energy to create something similar to AutoCAD. I think it's far more likely the...
  3. Re: Adobe, Autodesk, and Games (a review)

    While I think it's a bit overconfident in its language, I mostly agree with what's presented in the paper. Designers and gamers are definitely not the most likely to use Linux due to this, whereas I...
  4. Re: is it cheaper to buy a complete desktop package or individual components?

    If you have a good video card and a ton of RAM already (or a few 1 GB sticks that are fairly recent), it would make more sense to get a barebones system with a decent processor and just move the...
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    Re: unity alternatives

    Gnome-panel and metacity are still available in GNOME 3 (Fallback mode, as everyone has mentioned). They have both undergone updates that speed them up and remove bugs and dependencies on deprecated...
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    Re: Haiku OS: What's the big deal anyway?

    To be honest, if they have the drivers, most platforms that support Qt and GTK can be good replacements for Linux.

    I think Haiku can definitely take the place of Linux when it comes to...
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    Re: Why is Linux less popular than OS X?

    Macs are definitely selling a lot better than they were even two years ago. I can't say that Linux's popularity has grown at such an accelerated rate in the same time frame. There was a time that...
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    Re: Aldabra (Adwaita GTK2 theme)

    Just so everyone knows, I found out why the window dragging doesn't work in Arch- it includes vanilla gtk2 which has no patches for this support by default. Fedora and Ubuntu seem to have these...
  9. Re: Why is it still so important to have a Qt/GTK-only set of applications installed?

    @3Miro, I think he was suggesting that certain distros/spinoffs, not Ubuntu in particular, might like to include a Qt or GTK application in GNOME or KDE, respectively.

    It's arguable that GIMP...
  10. Re: Why is it still so important to have a Qt/GTK-only set of applications installed?

    D: I must have ALL THE TOOLKINGS at my disposal! Mwahahahaaaa!! *evil grin* (sorry, I'm a jerk sometimes, and I want toolkings to be real)

    But yeah, you're right el_koraco, as far as open source...
  11. Re: Why is it still so important to have a Qt/GTK-only set of applications installed?

    If toolkit libraries are 'bloat', I'd love to hear what else in a default Ubuntu install is also bloat. Depending on your perspective, extra themes, unused codecs, new-style toolbars, certain...
  12. Why is it still so important to have a Qt/GTK-only set of applications installed?

    I used to understand this problem, since the integration of GTK and Qt applications in either main environment (GNOME and KDE) was a huge issue. But with QGtkStyle and Oxygen-gtk (and dbus), it seems...
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    Re: Aldabra (Adwaita GTK2 theme)

    Thanks for the information- I think that's the perfect license for it. It also gives the GNOME developers the future option of adopting it officially without bringing in much extra baggage.

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    Re: Unity MEGA Thread

    Here's Unity for the short-sighted. Take the bottom panel from Gnome 2 away and replace it with an intellihiding dock on the left, put a global menu up top, and allow the user to save more vertical...
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    Re: Classic Swtich

    I actually prefer Gnome 3.

    "I don't usually use Ubuntu, but when I do, I log into Unity."
  16. Re: Will Ubuntu be the first distro to eliminate the command line?

    It's pretty tough to find the command line in Natty, if you ask me. So I don't think they're highlighting it at all. The terminal has its advantages on every major OS, although it's got a lot more...
  17. Re: Has anyone else noticed all the wifi problem?

    There are certain very old USB wireless dongles that have had their drivers blacklisted in favor of new ones that don't actually work out of the box without firmware, so that may be part of the...
  18. Re: Microsoft must pay $290m for patent infringement

    We'd certainly be better off with a different culture and understanding of software patents, and a lessening of seriousness among them, than with this egg-shell industry full of inconsistency and...
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    Re: Why WUBI?

    I've never had significant problems with WUBI, even back in the day when I was installing it on computers with 512 MB of RAM or less. I think it'd be silly to go backwards on it just because it's not...
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    Re: Hi, brand new to Linux

    Wow, that's probably a lot more help than you wanted.

    Aside from getting used to the desktop (and customizing it if you wish, since there is a huge art-oriented segment to the community that loves...
  21. Re: MS Channeling Ubuntu's Artwork in Windows 8

    Somehow that was totally related. And murdered the thread in front of my poor, innocent eyes.

    I like that Microsoft's developers are playing with extremes and seeing how far a concept can go,...
  22. Re: Webian Shell - Mozilla's Response To Google Chrome OS

    Ah, I could've sworn it was a Ben Francis project, not a Mozilla project. If you're in a company, that doesn't mean your personal projects represent the company's views, even if they're related areas...
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    Re: GIMP Or Photoshop?

    If you absolutely need advanced non-destructive editing and color modes like LAB and CMYK, use Inkscape, Krita, or Photoshop. Krita works with CMYK and a lot of non-destructive elements, but it's not...
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    Re: Aldabra (Adwaita GTK2 theme)

    The included wallpaper is something they're trying to promote so themes have a few more features to them. You can always change the wallpaper individually in System Settings.

    I noticed that the...
  25. Re: If you don't like Gnome 3, you're gonna' hate this (Windows 8)

    My response is a bit late, but the comparison I was making was sheerly on the 'newness' or originality, or should I say the length of the departure from the traditional interface each environment...
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